California Furniture Outlets

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Clearance Furniture Outlets are organized by “Outlet Name – Alphabetized City” below this map :

  1. Pottery Barn Outlet- Alameda, CA (check out my personal outlet feature here)
  2. Pottery Barn Outlet- Arvin/Tejon Ranch, CA
  3. Pottery Barn Kids and Teen Outlet- Arvin/Tejon, CA
  4. Le Creuset Outlet- Arvin/Tejon Ranch, CA
  5. The Outlet by ELS- Azusa, CA
  6. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Bakersfield, CA
  7. Serena and Lily Outlet- Berkeley, CA
  8. Macy’s Furniture Clearance Center- Brea, CA
  9. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Brea, CA
  10. Balsam Hill Outlet- Burlingame, CA – open seasonally: October 22- January 9 (Check out some photos here and here).
  11. Le Creuset Outlet- Cabazon, CA
  12. Frette Outlet- Cabazon, CA
  13. Le Creuset Outlet- Camarillo, CA
  14. Crate & Barrel Outlet- Carlsbad, CA (Check out some photos here and here)
  15. Le Creuset Outlet- Carlsbad, CA
  16. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Cerritos, CA
  17. GDFStudio Outlet (Warehouse Outlet Store)- Chatsworth, CA
  18. Ashley Outlet- Colton, CA
  19. CORT Furniture Outlet- Concord, CA
  20. CORT Furniture Outlet- Corona, CA
  21. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Corona, CA
  22. HD Buttercup OC Outlet- Costa Mesa, CA
  23. Restoration Hardware Outlet- Culver City, CA
  24. CORT Furniture Outlet- Cupertino, CA
  25. TrendingHi Outlet (Walmart and Target)- El Monte, CA
  26. Scandinavian Design Store + Outlet- Fair Oaks, CA
  27. CORT Furniture Outlet- Fountain Valley, CA
  28. Living Spaces Outlet- Fremont, CA
  29. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Fresno, CA
  30. Z Gallerie Outlet- Gardena, CA
  31. Le Creuset Outlet- Gilroy, CA
  32. CORT Furniture Outlet- Glendale, CA
  33. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Hayward, CA
  34. Restoration Hardware Outlet- Irvine, CA
  35. Bassett Clearance Room (inside retail location)- Irvine, CA
  36. Restoration Hardware Outlet- La Mesa
  37. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- La Mesa, CA
  38. Living Spaces Outlet- La Mirada, CA
  39. Ashley Outlet- Lathrop, CA
  40. Crate & Barrel Outlet- Livermore, CA (Check out my personal update here)
  41. Le Creuset Outlet- Livermore, CA
  42. Restoration Hardware Outlet- Long Beach, CA
  43. Bob’s Discount Furniture Outlet- Long Beach, CA
  44. HD Buttercup DTLA Outlet- Los Angeles, CA
  45. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Modesto, CA
  46. Best Buy Outlet- Montclair, CA
  47. Poly & Bark Outlet- Moorpark, CA
  48. Pottery Barn Outlet- Moreno Valley, CA
  49. Pottery Barn Kids and Teen Outlet- Moreno Valley, CA
  50. Best Buy Outlet- Moreno Valley, CA
  51. West Elm Outlet- Moreno Valley, CA
  52. Murrieta Wholesale Outlet- Murrieta, CA
  53. Scandinavian Designs Outlet- Murrieta, CA
  54. **American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Oceanside, CA
  55. Scandinavian Designs Outlet- Ontario, CA
  56. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Ontario, CA
  57. Restoration Hardware Outlet- Oxnard, CA
  58. Design within Reach Outlet- Oxnard, CA
  59. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Outlet- Oxnard, CA
  60. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Palmdale, CA
  61. Living Spaces Outlet- Panorama City, CA
  62. CORT Furniture Outlet- Paramount, CA
  63. Restoration Hardware Outlet- Pleasanton, CA (Check out my personal update here).
  64. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Rancho Cordova, CA
  65. Living Spaces Outlet- Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  66. Bob’s Discount Furniture Outlet- Redlands, CA
  67. Terra Outdoor Living Outlet- Richmond, CA
  68. Bob’s Discount Furniture Outlet- Riverside, CA
  69. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Sacramento, CA
  70. CORT Furniture Outlet- Sacramento, CA
  71. Le Creuset Outlet- San Clemente, CA
  72. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- San Diego, CA
  73. CORT Furniture Outlet- San Diego, CA
  74. CORT Furniture Outlet- San Francisco, CA
  75. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- San Leandro, CA
  76. Restoration Hardware Outlet- San Rafael, CA
  77. Best Buy Outlet- San Rafael, CA
  78. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Santa Ana, CA (2 locations)
  79. Urban Outfitters Outlet Surplus Store (carries home décor)- Sherman Oaks, CA
  80. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- Torrance, CA
  81. Crate & Barrel Outlet- Tracy, CA (check out my personal outlet feature here)
  82. Cost Plus World Market Outlet- Tracy, CA (check out my personal outlet feature here)
  83. Macy’s Furniture Clearance Center Outlet- Union City, CA
  84. Restoration Hardware Outlet- Vacaville, CA (check out my personal outlet feature here)
  85. Williams Sonoma Home Outlet- Vacaville, CA (check out my personal outlet feature here)
  86. Serena and Lily Outlet- Vacaville, CA (check out my personal outlet feature here)
  87. Le Creuset Outlet- Vacaville, CA (check out my personal outlet feature here)
  88. West Elm Outlet- Vacaville, CA (check out my personal outlet feature here)
  89. Living Spaces Outlet- Vista, CA
  90. Restoration Hardware Outlet- Vista, CA (Check out some photos here)
  91. Pottery Barn Outlet- West Covina, CA
  92. American Freight Store (Sears Outlet)- West Covina, CA

Have any outlets to add to the list? Comments/questions about what is on there? Please comment below!

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