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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

Burlingame, CA: Balsam Hill produces high end, high quality seasonal home décor. You are going to want to get a Balsam Hill Christmas tree if you want one of the very best artificial trees on the market. Balsam Hill Christmas trees clearance section is a thing of the past for those in Burlingame. Why?

The Balsam Hill Outlet has re-opened from October 15, 2022 – January 8, 2022. If you are looking to do some shopping in Burlingame for the holiday season, look no further.

What is Balsam Hill Outlet?

Balsam Hills’ premium products also come with premium price tags, so it’s no wonder some of the most commonly searched Balsam Hill keywords include Balsam Hill coupons, Balsam Hill Coupon code, Balsam Hill discount code, and Balsam Hill sales.

What’s a gal or guy to do if she or he wants a Balsam Hill artificial tree but for less? If you are in the market for a realistic Christmas tree, put the Balsam Hill Outlet on your to-do list the next time you are in Burlingame!

At the Balsam Hill Burlingame Outlet you will find returned, open-box merchandise, and one-of-a-kind sample items for a discount. These items may be from a customer that changed their mind or straight off the set of a catalog photoshoot or stage set-up.

Balsam Hill Outlet Locations

Balsam Hill Outlet

You might be wondering, “Is there a Balsam Hill Outlet near me?” Check below for current Balsam Hill locations.

Click the state hyperlink to view all outlets in that state!

Balsam Hill Outlet Prices

The Burlingame Outlet prices their Balsam Hill Christmas tree and décor items at around 40-60% off retail prices, with some items being more heavily discounted.

You can expect the fall items to be an additional percentage off as we get further into the holiday season. Additionally, if you aren’t in a hurry for a Balsam Hill flip tree, wait until after Christmas to shop. That is when you can expect the Balsam Hill after Christmas sale!

At the Balsam Hill Warehouse Sale, all remaining inventory is priced to sell with additional discounts.

This email below went out after Christmas last year:

When is the Balsam Hill Outlet sale?

The Balsam Hill Outlet is open seasonally every year. The opening and closing dates will vary from year to year. For 2022, The Balsam Hill Outlet is open from October 15- January 8, 2022.

Can you negotiate at Balsam Hill Outlet?

As far as I am aware, you cannot negotiate at the Balsam Hill Outlet. If price is a concern, shopping after the holidays, prior to their seasonal closure, is the best time to visit for extra discounts!

Are all sales final at the Balsam Hill Outlet?

Interestingly, there is a Balsam Hill return policy for the outlet, which is incredibly rare for any outlet store.

There is an 8 day return window after purchase or by Christmas (whichever comes first) for your Balsam Hill Christmas tree, garland, and/or wreath purchases. All remaining items are final sale.

There is also no Balsam Hill warranty for outlet items.

Is it a good idea to compare outlet prices to the online prices?

Absolutely! Balsam Hill Outlet prices are determined based off of the full retail price and don’t account for any current online sales.

You might be wondering where to buy Balsam Hill Christmas trees. Aside from their website, you can shop Christmas tree options here:

Make sure to look up your item on all of these websites to ensure you can’t get a better deal online.

I have seen MANY items on sale online that are right around outlet price due to the current sale. In that case, go with the online option, as you’ll get a warranty, which is excluded from the Balsam Hill Outlet store.

Don’t forget to see if you can grab an online coupon!

Balsam Hill Outlet

Click here to open a new window and browse other outlet brands!

Is there a Balsam Hill Outlet website?

The Balsam Hill Outlet does not have a website.

Is Balsam Hill Outlet on social media?

Balsam Hill Outlet store is not on social media.

What is the best time to go to the Balsam Hill Outlet?

The Balsam Hill Outlet is open seasonally for the holidays. For 2022, it will be open from October 15 thru January 8. You will want to arrive before opening, if possible, as it gets very busy and staff is limited.

If there is a Balsam Hill Christmas tree or item you want that is in stock, it is possible they will ask you to return an hour later to pick it up due to limited warehouse help. You will receive a call when they are ready to have you check out.

Can I call to see what is in stock at the Balsam Hill Outlet?

You can certainly give the Balsam Hill Outlet a call to gauge inventory. Last season I was never able to get through. The phone number is (650) 863-5466.

Do Balsam Hill Outlets hold, ship, or deliver items?

Balsam Hill Outlet

The Balsam Hill Outlet is not able to hold or ship products after purchase. Merchandise must be taken home same-day.

While they do not coordinate in-house delivery, it is pretty simple to do yourself if you are able to shop for your Balsam Hill Christmas tree in person. Check out some of my recommendations here.

What Balsam Hill Christmas tree and décor are for sale at the Outlet?

There is a nice variety of products at the Outlet, from Balsam Hill Christmas trees to fall and Halloween décor. Inventory will vary weekly, but you can expect to find wreaths, garland, tree skirts and collars, tree toppers and ornaments, stockings, outdoor and indoor décor, and even the famous Balsam Hill flip tree.

Not everything is pulled out onto the warehouse floor, so it is best to have an idea of what you are looking for ahead of time. They are able to look up your exact item on their iPad to see if it is in stock.

As with any outlet, inventory is dependent on what has been returned. You cannot expect to find any given item online at the outlet.

The Balsam Hill Outlet does have a pretty sweet perk, though. If what you want is not available at the outlet at the time of your visit, they can order the items and have them shipped straight to you for 5% off the website price!

Balsam Hill Outlet Photos

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Options

Below are some of the most popular Balsam Hill artificial trees:

1) Balsam Hill Flip Tree: Designed with hinged branches, the Balsam Hill Flip Tree requires no assembly. Simply flip and get to decorating your beautiful tree! You can see a flip tree folded down on the right side of this photo.

Balsam Hill flip tree

2) Balsam Hill Fraser Fir

3) Balsam Hill Prelit Christmas Trees

4) Balsam Hill Slim Trees

5) Balsam Hill Flocked Tree

6) Balsam Hill White Christmas Trees

7) Balsam Hill Tabletop Tree

Balsam Hill Ornaments

Balsam Hill Tree Skirt

Balsam Hill Wreaths

Balsam Hill Garland

Although there are not Balsam Hill garland with lights obviously pictured, it may just be that the lights were not turned on or that they didn’t have any in stock during this visit. There are so many faux cedar garland options to choose from!

Balsam Hill Christmas Decorations

Balsam Hill Candles

Balsam Hill Candles

Balsam Hill Decorations for Fall

Balsam Hill Fall Wreaths

Balsam Hill Fall Décor

Is the Balsam Hill Outlet Worth it?

There really is no need for Balsam Hill coupons if you live close to Burlingame, CA. If you are looking for a Balsam Hill Christmas tree for sale for a more budget friendly price, then the Balsam Hill Outlet is absolutely worth checking out.

To maximize savings, visit after Halloween for extra discounted fall décor and visit after Christmas for extra discounted holiday décor! The markdown will be an additional 20-50% off, which beats Balsam Hill clearance pricing online.

Looking for open box Christmas trees online? Check out the open box section for King of Christmas, another amazingly high quality tree and décor Christmas company.

Big thanks to Whitney and Gina for letting me use these amazing photos!

Curious about other name brand outlets? Click here!

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