Arhaus Outlet: Fredericksburg, VA

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Arhaus Outlet Locations

Also known as “The Loft,” to get the most up to date information on Arhaus hours, click on the city below.

Arhaus Outlet Fredericksburg Info

Although this location USED TO BE a retail store, it switched over to an outlet in the summer of 2021. It is not indicated anywhere one the Arhaus website, but I did call to verify and it is true.

The Fredericksburg Arhaus Loft gets their deliveries once per week, typically mid-week. They do NOT have any social media accounts to follow, which is super sad.

Arhaus Outlet Furniture

May 8, 2022

Today’s post would not be possible without Dachelleb! Thank you sooo much for not only letting us all know this retail location became an outlets, but for providing this awesome update as well. You are AMAZING!

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