Best Outlets for Designer Bathroom Vanities on a Budget

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Bathroom vanities are an essential part of any bathroom, offering both practicality and style. You can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and sophisticated space with well-chosen vanity, but that can also come with a hefty price tag.

If you have a limited bathroom budget, you may think that high-end bathroom vanities are out of reach.

However, many vanity stores and online retailers offer discounted outlet and open-box options that can still give you a luxe bathroom retreat.

In my quest for finding affordable vanity store options for my new home, I’ve found THE BEST outlets to shop for a luxury vanity that won’t break the bank.

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One of the biggest challenges is knowing where to buy bathroom vanity that fits your budget and style preferences. From modern designs to traditional, luxury vanities are within reach at outlets.

In this article, we’ll explore all of the vanities outlet options to get max style for minimum spend.


The Best In-Person Outlets For Designer Bathroom Vanities

1. Pottery Barn Outlet

Visit a Pottery Barn Outlet to save big on this widely-known home décor and furniture retailer. Items are marked down in price due to being overstocked, discontinued, or slight cosmetic damage.

One thing you may not realize? They also carry a huge assortment of modern bathroom vanities in various styles and sizes for as high as 50% off retail price.

While the price for a Pottery Barn vanity may still be high even at a discount, their vanities are known for their high-quality materials, durability, and elegant designs.

In fact, I purchased a Pottery Barn bathroom vanity for ALL THREE of my bathrooms for my new house. I scored them at 40% off of the retail price! I would have preferred to time my visit with a 50% off sale, but we were in a time crunch.

Find more info on Pottery Barn Outlet locations and what to expect here.

2. Restoration Hardware Outlet

Another outlet that offers a nice selection of luxury bathroom vanities for a discount is Restoration Hardware Outlet, a true leader in upscale, high-end designs with upscale, high-end price tags.

Shopping at their outlet allows you to incorporate a classy modern vanity into your bathroom design at a more palatable price-point.

Discounts typically hover around 30% off retail price, but if you are strategic about your outlet visit, you may be able to snag a clearance bathroom vanity for as high as 95% off!

Finding Restoration Hardware bathroom vanities on clearance does mean they may come with some imperfections- likely a chip, scratch, or crack to the vanity top or base. Only you can determine if that damage is worth the discount.

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A unique offering of Restoration Hardware Outlet is they often carry vanity tops that you can purchase separately from the base.

This may allow you to get that Restoration Hardware vanity look for a fraction of the price, as these tops are often clearance pricing and incredibly affordable.

Find Restoration Hardware Outlet locations and additional information here.

3. Salvage and Liquidation Stores

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Target Discount Stores and salvage/liquidation stores, are also worth looking into when on the hunt for a cheap vanity.

Many of these wholesale stores, in addition to selling Target brands, also carry products from retailers like Home Depot, Costco, and Wayfair.

One of these stores has a nice selection of bathroom vanities near me, all of which come from Home Depot, where they purchase bathroom vanities wholesale.

home depot vanity
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While a Home Depot vanity from these stores may not be as high-quality as those found at Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, they are typically cheaper and a great option if you have a tighter bathroom renovation budget.

Although not a guarantee that every Target Discount Store will have vanities in stock, I recommend calling to find out. ‘

Click here to learn more about liquidation stores and how to find them near you!

The Best Outlets For Vanities Online

4. Open Box Pottery Barn Bathroom Vanities

Image credit: Pottery Barn

Most people don’t realize a huge open box section exists on the Pottery Barn website. Items are often overstock or imperfect, similar to their outlet stores for discounted prices.

Although there are typically just a few open-box bathroom vanity options available at any given time, check back daily. They are constantly updating their online open box inventory based on customer returns. Discounts typically start around 40-50% off retail price.

Click here for everything you’d want to know about shopping Pottery Barn open box!

5. Open Box West Elm Vanities

Image credit: West Elm

You can find the West Elm vanity of your dreams for less by shopping their nicely stocked online open box section.

Discounts typically start around 40-50% off retail price. Although West Elm bathroom vanity options are a bit more limited, it’s worth checking back frequently.

Click here for all the insider details on West Elm’s open-box outlet.

6. Open Box Wayfair Bathroom Vanities

Image credit: Wayfair

A bathroom vanity outlet can also be found online at Wayfair, which has a great assortment of vanities for cheap bathroom renovations.

Another selling point? Free shipping! Discounts typically start around 20-25% off retail price.

7. Birch Lane Online Outlet Bathroom Vanities

Image credit: Birch Lane

Birch Lane bathroom vanity options can be found in their online outlet section, where customers can find a range of closeout items at significantly discounted prices.

These designs are likely being discontinued, which allows discounts to reach as high as 50% off plus free shipping.

Definitely an excellent option for those looking for a stylish and affordable Birchlane vanity.

8. Open Box Bellacor Bathroom Vanities

Image credit: Bellacor

Bellacor’s online open-box outlet section checks the box for customers looking for a variety of discounted items, including a Bellacor vanity.

These items may have been returned or exchanged, but have been inspected and confirmed to be in new condition.

Additionally, they are backed by the same manufacturer’s warranty and ship FREE.


Although not an outlet or open-box suggestion, it is worth noting you can also get fabulous deals on vanities by shopping the sale section on a retailer’s website.

Finding these deals typically comes with some hoops (hidden sections, filtering requirements, etc), so I’ve rounded up the direct links below.

NOTE: Some brands have been repeated. Open Box sections are separate from clearance.


As someone who has personally searched for affordable yet high-end vanities, I know how daunting it can be to find the perfect vanity that fits both my budget and design preferences.

Shopping for vanities at outlets or through open-box online deals can be a great way to get a high-end look for less.

An in-person vanity outlet like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware offers luxury vanities at a discounted price, while salvage stores like Target Discount Stores provide more budget-friendly options.

For those who prefer to find a bathroom vanity online, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Wayfair, Birch Lane, and Bellacor all offer open-box sections with discounted vanities.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern vanity, there are plenty of options to transform your bathroom without overspending. With these outlets, it is easier than ever to find the best place to buy bathroom vanity options.


Curious about other name-brand outlets? Click here!

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