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Are you ready to indulge in a regal sleeping experience for less? From supplying linens to the Italian Royal Family and St. Peter’s Basilica to outfitting five-star hotels, Frette has been a pioneer in creating high-end textiles since the 1860s. With exceptional quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and elegant designs, Frette specializes in producing high-end linens, bedding, and accessories.

While Frette’s products may command a higher price point, the brand’s reputation for quality and attention to detail ensures that customers receive exceptional value for their purchases. Additionally, those seeking discounted pricing can take advantage of Frette’s outlet locations, both in-person and online, which offer a wide selection of luxury linens at a reduced cost.

Does Frette have an outlet?

Yes, there are three Frette North America Outlet stores, as well as the Frette Online Outlet.

What is Frette Outlet?

Frette Outlet offers products at discounted prices, including Frette sheets and other linens. The items available at the outlets are sourced from their regular boutiques or specifically created for the outlet stores.

In addition to its physical stores, Frette also has an online outlet linens store. You can find a wide selection of luxury linens, including Frette robes, duvet covers, and sheets for a steep discount. You can browse and purchase products online and have them delivered directly to your home.


Frette Outlet Locations

You might be wondering, “Is there a Frette Outlet near me?” Check below for current Frette locations.

Click the address below to be redirected to the website for additional details.

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Frette Outlet Prices


How much cheaper is Frette Outlet?

At their in-person outlets, you can expect to save around 60-80% off of your favorite Frette bedding items. This is a significant savings, considering many of their designer bedding sets can reach over $1,000.

This Frette review includes some helpful pricing details, including Frette towels for 60 and 70% off and outlet bed sets for 70% off.

In their online outlet, you can also find Frette linens discounted anywhere from 40-80% off retail pricing.

Does Frette ever go on sale?

Yes, if you time your outlet shopping around holiday sales, you can often purchase Frette on sale with an additional percentage off the discounted price. Although sales are always running, deeper sales and new products typically come twice per year- spring/summer and fall/winter.

Are all sales final at the outlet?


Whether purchased in-person or online, all items purchased at Frette USA Outlet Stores are final sale and may not be returned or exchanged.

Is outlet quality the same?

There are two types of products that you can find at the outlet- those items that came from the boutiques and those that were specifically made for the outlet.

Boutique items are made in Italy, have a higher thread count, and offer more intricate designs. The price point for these items will also be higher.

Made-for-outlet items are manufactured in Portugal, offer simpler designs, and are more affordable. These items are still of exceptional quality, backed by the Frette name.

Is there an outlet website?

While the in-person outlets do not have a website, you can find a dedicated Frette Online Outlet. Here are some examples of some online deals:


Originally: $500
Online Outlet: $250

Savings: 50% off

Image credit: Frette


Originally: $900
Online Outlet: $540

Savings: 40% off

Image credit: Frette


Originally: $1,450.00
Online Outlet: $580

Savings: 60% off

Image credit: Frette


Originally: $600
Online Outlet: $300

Savings: 50% off

Image credit: Frette


Originally: $525
Online Outlet: $263

Savings: 50% off

Image credit: Frette


Originally: $1,150
Online Outlet: $690

Savings: 40% off

Image credit: Frette


Originally: $115
Online Outlet: $58

Savings: 50% off

Image credit: Frette


Originally: $300
Online Outlet: $150

Savings: 50% off

Image credit: Frette

Are their outlets on social media?

No, the outlets are not on social media.

Can I call to see what is in stock at the outlet?

Yes! If you call their outlet locations, they will email you a PDF that reflects their current in-store items and sales. Below is a snapshot of their current PDF promotion:

Image credit: Frette

Do Frette Outlets ship?

Yes, you may order items over the phone and have them shipped straight to you for a small shipping fee of just $10. Make sure to cross-reference pricing with their online outlet to ensure you can’t get a better deal online.

Is the Frette Outlet worth it?

Visiting an outlet store or shopping their outlet linens online can be a great way to experience the luxury and elegance of Frette products at a more affordable price point. With savings of up to 60-80% off on high end linens and bedding, you can expect to find exceptional value for your money. While all sales are final at the outlets, you can still expect to receive top-quality products crafted with the finest materials and exquisite attention to detail. Overall, if you appreciate luxury linens and bedding, outlet shopping at Frette can be a worthwhile shopping destination.

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