West Elm Outlet: Vacaville, CA

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Discount40-60% off retail price (deals change weekly)
Inventory Drop OffMonday, Wednesday, and Friday (though can vary)
Shipping AvailableNo
Delivery AvailableNo, but there are Third Party options. They also recommended Lugg and Select Express.
Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc)No
Social MediaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/westelmvacaville/

So, I did a thing. I knew West Elm was the next outlet you all voted for in my facebook group, so I decided to reach out on Instagram before going to get some delivery day info (and then go on one of those days). Delivery days are the absolute best days to go shop! Check out my other tips for successful outlet shopping here. Based on the conversation, it sounds like it would be best to call ahead to find out what their delivery schedule is, as it varies from week to week. The conversation naturally drifted, so I decided to inquire about taking photos when I visited. You know, get the go-ahead before showing up to take away my anxiety about whether or not it’s cool to photo bomb their store. This is the reply I got:

Gulp. Great. I don’t like all those dot-dot-dots!! Am I the only one here that feels like ellipses are synonymous with hesitation? Now my brain is swirling. What happens after I ask for Stephen?! Are they going to tell me no? Yell at me? High five me? Arrest me? I sure hope this Stephen guy is a winner. (Spoiler alert: this was all totally in my head, as I suspected deep down).

Well… here I go…

Two hours later: I feel ridiculous. Stephen could not have been more supportive!! Seriously, nicest person! When I first arrived, he was MIA, but I chatted with another lovely manager who was so helpful and receptive to my spiel (SIDENOTE: Can I just take a moment to say how weird and unexpected it is to have a spiel? I’m still completely overwhelmed by the response I have gotten from all of you! I oscillate between excited, nervous, back to excited at any given moment throughout my day). With the green light given, I started my photo process, working my way around the periphery and moving inward, like a shark circling its prey (too much?). I heard someone chatting with a customer, “mumble mumble mumble (this was me not paying attention, not that he was really mumbling) my name is Stephen.” Bingo!

We made eye contact and I could tell immediately he was, in fact, a winner. Once he was done with his customer, he gave me some great details about the store, which I will relay now to the best of my recollection. I realize if I’m really doing all of this *waves hand wildly* I really need to take a notepad or something to jot down some notes. The store has been up and running for a year and 8 months and is the first dedicated West Elm in Northern CA. He said most of the items in the store are actually overstock/brand new with only about 15% having “beauty marks,” as he put it. The best days to shop are Wednesday and Friday. That’s when they get a majority of their larger furniture type items. They do also have deliveries on Monday. Sometimes the days can vary, hence the info I received on Instagram, so I still stand by calling ahead if you can. If you can’t, Wednesday sounds like a safe bet. Percentages off rotates weekly, like many outlet stores, so check back regularly for new deals! He said they turn over their merchandise really quickly, and that the store will likely be almost entirely new items a few days from now. That’s bananas.

In chatting with him I decided to do something I’ve been thinking about since my lovely conversation over at WSH Outlet and seeing the nice welcome I got over there. There is nothing more exciting than freebies, amiright? We’ve all endured so much over the last year and half, and I really just want to bring some joy to the lives of those around me when I can, no matter how small. So I asked (and reiterated there was absolutely no pressure intended) if they had any discount coupons or maybe a pillow cover I could raffle off and send to one of you. He told me to give him a few days so he could put something together (like a gift basket and cover the shipping!!!), and that he would reach out to me when it was ready. Once I get the official notification, you all will be THE FIRST to know. He was also so sweet and grabbed a pretty candle holder off the shelf (third shelf from the bottom to the right of the blanket if you are curious) and said it was a gift just for me. I’ll keep it until my dying day.

Later when I got home I was chatting with a wonderful group-member-turned-friend and here’s what she had to say about the West Elm Outlet in Vacaville:

Don’t worry, I got permission to share this!

Sure wish I would have had this convo four days prior before I psyched myself out. Ah well. Now I know for the next time!

So, without further ado, take a walk with me through this amazing West Elm Outlet!

Need a job? They’re hiring!
Typical outlet furniture imperfection to the stain. Don’t be deterred. This is a simple fix – click here!
Typical outlet furniture imperfection- just position the table so it is not facing outward and people will be none the wiser!
Typical outlet furniture imperfections- nothing a little fabric cleaner can’t fix!
How gorgeous is this?!
Typical outlet furniture damage to top left corner.
Typical outlet imperfections- sticky residue but an easy fix!
Hardware is inside the drawers.
Typical outlet imperfection but a super easy fix with a little stain! West even carries stain repair kits!

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FYI, I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by West Elm. Just a happy customer!

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