Williams Sonoma HOME Outlet: Vacaville, CA

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Discount50-70% off retail price
Inventory Drop OffMonday and Thursday around 7am
Shipping AvailableNo
Delivery AvailableNo, but there are Third Party options
Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc)No
Social MediaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wsvacaville/

As you may recall from last weekend at the Serena and Lily outlet, I had a bit of a technological blip halfway through my visit. This week, I decided to up the ante and arrive at Williams Sonoma Home with only 20% battery life. Gulp. Note to self: Charging your phone in order to take 175 photos is pretty critical. Make sure you do that. So, I did what any mom of two young kids experiencing a taste of freedom would do- plugged in my car charger, cranked up my favorite radio station, Pop Rocks on SiriusXM (90’s and 2k’s all day err day) , and stared off into outer space enjoying the peace. For 45 minutes.

I walked in, slightly embarrassed and fully aware that I was about to fire off rounds of iPhone photos like it was the zombie apocalypse. I booked it straight for the corner of the store that would hide me best, the towering racks of pillow covers and fur throws. It takes time to build up the confidence to stand in the middle of a 17,500 sq ft retail space taking photos “just so” in order to prevent capturing too many poor, innocent bystanders in the backgrounds.

I noticed an employee pulling items out of boxes and pounced politely asked her some questions I knew you would all be interested in – delivery day, if shipping or delivery was available, etc. She told me she receives the deliveries and that they come Monday and Thursday around 7am, though occasionally they don’t and then they have to reschedule. She also informed me that there were business cards up at the register for two different delivery companies they work closely with. The best part? The companies will pick up items from other outlet stores too! proMovers will deliver to anywhere in the US! Update: Due to covid and downsizing, Zaldivar Services would like to stay in the CA/Reno areas. Shop till you drop! (Side note: Loved that show as a kid. Am I dating myself?)

The woman at the front desk could not have been more friendly. She asked me if I needed help or had any questions. I got a great vibe from her, so decided to tell her what I’m doing with this entire blog – bringing affordable, high end home décor to the masses. I’ve been hesitant about telling retailers what I am doing – I’m honestly not sure if they’ll love it or hate it. She loved it! She gave me all sorts of info about how their outlet location has picked up steam because people aren’t wanting to wait the 8 year month delivery times after they order online. Apparently, the reason for the delay is because of the furniture foam cores.

Did you double take? Me too. I think I looked at her with nothing behind my eyes. I had no idea what that meant. “The what…?” She explained further that it was literally the foam inside of the items that is causing the delays. Crazy, right?! One little thing, but oh so important for couches and ottomans and upholstered beds. She also told me this is the ONLY Williams Sonoma Home outlet in the entire country! Apparently this is the tester store- so the more we shop, the more likely they will expand to other states. Win-win!

I left the store and knew immediately that I needed to post the out of state delivery business cards in the facebook group. Once I got home, I had tons of questions so I called the store and chatted with the lady again to get some clarifications.

Later that day, she reached out to me on Instagram and had just the loveliest things to say about their store. She wants you all to know that you can reach out ANYTIME on Instagram or by phone. They’ll allow holds, they’ll do inventory checks over the phone, they’ll add you to their “Client Book” (fancy, right?) and, not only will they call you if the item is in, but they’ll call you if they get something in they think you might like! They will literally send you photos and pricing and hold it for you for 24 hours (she made a point to mention that if you are out of state you can further discuss this detail). Watch my frugal corpse fall to the floor for a.third.time.

I didn’t take many photos of tags or prices, because I knew it would just be way too many photos. I did make sure to get the discount sign in the photos, if possible. If you want to know what a specific item is and the retail price, I recommend doing a Google Lens search like I explain over here to find the website listing and then do some mental math (or be like me and find this icon on your phone):

I think I’ve been rambling long enough and it’s time to dump the photos. I’m sure I’ve already lost about 75% of you. You just breezed by all of it to get to the goods. You don’t even know I’m talking to you right now and that makes me laugh. But, I’m glad you are here anyway- so thank you <3

Typical outlet furniture imperfections on corners. Don’t be deterred. This is a simple fix – click here!
Cracking on table top. It’s a lot less noticeable in real life.
Typical outlet furniture corner imperfections. Don’t be deterred. This is a simple fix – click here!

Here is a closer look at the giant rug pile. Don’t mind my feet. Shoutout to Target for having the best sandals!

Typical outlet imperfections. Simple fix- just needs a screw.
Typical outlet imperfections- sticky residue.
I’m just guessing here, but possibly returned because the end looks a bit lumpy?

Aaaaand in case you need to see this one more time:

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