Crate and Barrel Furniture Clearance Center: Tracy, CA

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Discount30% off + additional 10% each week
Best Days to ShopEveryday
Shipping AvailableNo
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Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc)No
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After finishing up my spotlight over at the World Market Outlet, I drove about 10 minutes over to the Crate and Barrel Furniture Clearance Center. As I went to turn onto the road that leads to the clearance center, it became apparent that was a no go. The road was completely torn apart- construction signs, tractors, the works. My outlet life flashed before my very eyes- was it closed? Had I just driven an hour and half only to be faced with a LITERAL roadblock?! I turned into a nearby parking lot, nearly smashed my windshield in because I didn’t notice that one side of the gate was still sticking out, and dialed the number for the store. The lady on the phone asked me what direction I came from. You don’t know this about me, but I am a bit… directionally challenged. Does, “The way my phone GPS took me” count as an answer? I am really jealous of those people (ex: my husband) that say things like, “Head southeast toward the North Star and make a complete 90 degree pivot toward the west and you’ll be there.” That sort of built-in compass-navigation just isn’t in my DNA.

Since you’ve already passed two photos of the place, it is safe to assume I eventually found my way to it. The clearance center is connected to their distribution warehouse. I cannot tell you how many times I have called the warehouse and had to be redirected, so take note if you google search their phone number: clearance center NOT warehouse. Because they are so conveniently located inside of their distribution center, they pull out new inventory every day of the week! It is a large open space that is perfect for storing lots of big furniture items. Although they do have limited quantities, if you are more interested in accessories, art, and rugs, I recommend hitting up the Crate and Barrel Outlet in Livermore instead.

I have had so much success getting items from this clearance center for around 80% off. My best finds have been an 8×10 rug, a storage coffee table, a media console, and a couch all for $200-$250 per item. I was seconds away from purchasing both the 8×10 rug and a queen sleeper sofa for retail price, but decided to call and see if they had them. They did! I saved a boatload of money purchasing these items from the outlet. They have always been so helpful in searching their database to see if an item is in stock- just have the SKU ready! Check out my other outlet tips here.

I would say this trip was one of the least successful visits I’ve had and not representative of the experiences I have had here over the years. I’ll definitely be back to do another spotlight in the future. There were a lot of CB2 items and a handful of bargain finds, but many of the wood items this time were damaged or still high in price. Many companies offer repair kits (a list of retailers that carry these kits can be found here), so don’t be completely deterred if an item can be easily fixed with a little stain, paint, glue, etc. The great thing about their pricing structure, though, is oftentimes these imperfect items can reach up to 90% off. The prices start at 30% off and then continue to increase 10% each week the item sits unpurchased. The woman at the store told me that she had just sold a $1,600 dresser for $100. My sister also once saw a sleeper sofa there for $100. It had a rip in the back of the fabric, but so long as you kept it against a wall, no one would even know. For deals like that, fixing blemishes or rotating a piece a certain way to hide the damage is totally reasonable. The employee also mentioned they are hiring! She casually shouted, “And they’ll get a discount!” as she walked off. She wouldn’t spill the beans on what exactly that discount was though. Looks like I may need to apply to find out…

I apologize in advance that some of my photos are a bit blurry. Apparently that Dutch Bros skinny white mocha I picked up earlier in the morning turned me into an earthquake. But, I figured you would rather have a blurry picture with prices than no prices at all. So, check it out! Have you been to the Crate and Barrel Furniture Clearance Center in Tracy, CA? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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I have this rocker and LOVE it!

Easy fix if this price gets low enough- add feet!

This one was so nice I sat on it!


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