Target Salvage Store: The Secret to 90% off!

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Are you ready to score some serious deals on great items? You may have heard by now, but Target Salvage stores are majorly trending as a fantastic way to snag Target clearance deals for rock bottom prices.

These stores are the last stop in the Target clearance life-cycle. Expect to save upwards of 90% off the original retail price!

I recently fell down the rabbit hole of big-box retailer liquidations. I’m talking Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, and major retailers across the country – all offering new inventory at unbeatable prices.

In fact, shopping at these stores is one of my top tips for saving big time on designer bathroom vanities!

Target surplus
Target salvage

But it gets even better! Many of these retailers are selling off season items, guest returns, and Target salvage liquidation. That means you can get a good deal on brand-new arrivals, without breaking the bank.

And don’t worry about missing parts or expiration dates – the majority of the items are new items in great condition. If there is damage, you’ll find even steeper discounts.

Not near one? Don’t forget about Target’s online clearance!

So, how do you get in on the action? The best way is through outlet stores, online auctions, and big deal warehouses. Here you can find liquidation pallets and EOL pull merchandise (end-of-life pulls are the final stages of a product’s existence) for additional discounts.

But the real treasure trove is social media. TikTok video, Instagram story content, and bargain blogs often showcase the latest liquidation deals.

From New York to New Jersey, people are heading to Target liquidations in hopes of finding the best deals on everything from home decor to electronics.

target outlet store

Terms like Target Salvage, Target Liquidation, Target Overstock, Target Wholesale, and Target Pallets For Sale may all be new for you, but absolutely words to file away in your “Ways to save at Target” memory bank.

So what exactly is a Target Salvage store? FAQ Target Salvage Store round-up, comin’ right up!


What does Target salvage mean?

Once Target is ready to offload their off-season, discontinued, defective, returned, overstock or clearance merchandise, they remove the product from their database and salvage (donate/sell) those items.

What is Target liquidation?

Target Salvage

Target liquidation or Target liquidator is another term used to describe the re-selling of Target salvage items. You can find a list of words that can be used interchangeably a little further down this post or jump to it here.

Why does Target salvage items?

Items become salvage when the price of a Target clearance or returned item reaches the break-even point in regards to profit potential.

The amount of time and labor required to inspect and reshelf returned inventory exponentially dips into profit margin.

Additionally, clearance inventory occupies much-needed shelf space for new, full priced merchandise.

What happens to clearance items that don’t sell?

Once Target overstock items are salvaged, items are typically sent back to distribution centers. They then collect and donate or sell merchandise by the pound at auction.

Liquidation companies will then bid on these Target pallets for one flat fee, and piece out the items individually in stores or online.

You can even find Target pallets for sale at an online auction or in-person auction!

Target overstock

Browse Target’s Online Clearance here!

Where does Target clearance stuff go?

Target salvage is sent to charity shops like Goodwill, discount stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls, or independent liquidation or wholesale companies like Target salvage stores.

What are prices like?

You can find a Target Salvage Store reselling Target liquidation items anywhere from 50-90% off the retail price. These independently owned and operated stores will have varying prices.

I prefer a pricing model structured like Falling Prices. Items start at $6 at the start of the week but fall to only 25 cents by the weekend.

I was able to score four lampshades (options!), several small wreaths, and a few other little knick-knacks for just a few bucks by timing my visit on quarter day. Score!

Target liquidator

Can you buy salvage items at Target?

Once an item is marked as salvage in the Target database, you may not be able to purchase it in-store. It has been removed from their inventory catalog. You can determine if a Target clearance item has gone salvage based on the ring-up price.

If you scan an item in-store and it rings up as $0.00, that Target clearance item is no longer available for sale. It has been salvaged.

Some Target stores may sell the item for the last ticketed price. But don’t be surprised if you are unable to purchase.

That being said, you can still buy salvage items from Target, but you will need to visit a Target Salvage Store near you or find a distributor online.

Where are Target Salvage Stores?

Target pallet

You can find Target Salvage Stores literally all over the country. Target Salvage Stores open so quickly it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Googling “Target Liquidation Stores near me” will bring up new results almost every time.

To locate a Target Salvage Store near you, I recommend taking to Facebook Marketplace, Google Maps, and Craigslist (or any other platform with location-based browsing) and searching the following keywords:

  • Target Wholesale
  • Target Pallet
  • Target Pallets for sale
  • Target Surplus
  • Target Liquidation
  • Target Liquidator
  • Target Bin Store
  • Target Salvage Store
  • Target Overstock
  • Target half off
  • Target 50% off
  • Target Clearance Store
  • Target Outlet Store
  • Target Warehouse

You, my wonderful readers, have messaged me so many of your favorite salvage spots. I added Target Overstock, Wayfair Liquidation, World Market Wholesale, and Amazon Liquidation stores to my outlet-by-state lists!

You weighing in helps make these lists more comprehensive as they are partially user-generated. So, thank you for reaching out and sharing. When we all work together, we can all go a long way with saving money!

In addition to finding all of your salvage store recommendations in my outlet-by-state directory, you can browse for even more Target Salvage Stores over at Aubrey Swan’s website. Aubrey is a blogger after my own heart- helping you find great deals on home décor.

Definitely take the time to browse both of these money-saving lists!

What type of items can you find at a Target Salvage Store?

You can find SO MANY THINGS at Target salvage stores- even from brands beyond Target!

target bin store

At That’s Cheap Arden, all of their furniture comes from Wayfair. However, Target bin store owners independently own and manage inventory, so it varies from location to location.

Here is a video sample of the types of items (hello Target Christmas tree!) I have seen during my visits to Target Liquidators in my area:

The amount of Target Home items is seriously endless. You can find a ton of Target brands- Threshold, Cat and Jack, Universal Thread, Studio McGee Target items, and so many more.

Additionally, I’ve spotted table lamps, floor lamps, Target wall art, rugs, wreaths, bedding, faux plants, and endless other items I’m surely forgetting.

Target liquidation

Outside of home décor, you may also find Target dolls (and a LOT of them too- check it out in my video!), toiletries, Target electronics, and much, much more.

Are Target Salvage Stores worth it?

Target salvage stores are absolutely worth it if you enjoy a good bargain. If you don’t have the patience to check Target’s online clearance section!

If you are the type to browse thrift stores, HomeGoods, or any other store that has a wide variety of ever-changing merchandise, then I’m confident shopping Target Overstock will be for you.

Target salvages and donates or sells its excess inventory, unsold items, returned products, and off-season items to third-party liquidation companies, local liquidation stores, salvage grocers, and other buyers.

Target Salvage stores offer an excellent opportunity to buy good stuff at dirt cheap prices.

You can find these stores in all areas of the country and buy products at 50-90% off the original retail price.

However, you may not find all the products in the Target inventory catalog, it’s still a good way to find amazing items.

Since store inventory and setup will vary from location to location, expect the unexpected. Some Target Salvage Stores will require you to dig… and dig…. and dig. Others may be set up more like a traditional storefront.

Keep an eye out for the Target clearance schedule. When items get majorly marked down, you know they’ll soon be making their way to the Target salvage stores.

If you can’t find a specific item at Target, locate your nearest Target Salvage Store and check if they have it in stock.

The very best time to run to your local Target Liquidator is right after the holidays. Target offloads its seasonal décor.

Whether you are a bargain shopper or a good penny pincher, Target Salvage stores offer the best deals for home decor, kitchen appliances, small appliances, video games, and other different products.

So what do you think? Are you open to the idea of shopping a Target Salvage Store? Let me know in the comments!

I am an independent blogger and I am not affiliated with any company. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own and based on my personal experiences.

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