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Arhaus the loft
arhaus outlet
arhaus loft
arhaus outlet store
arhaus factory store
arhaus factory outlet
arhaus warehouse

Did you know Arhaus has an online clearance section that can save you 50% off or more?!

Arhaus, to me, falls somewhere between Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn in terms of design aesthetic. Arhaus furniture is the epitome of cool and casual sophistication. You’ll find modern, yet relaxed, vibes throughout all of their pieces. Cozy yet polished. Your older sisters’ popular friend that actually gives you the time of day. THAT is Arhaus.

Does Arhaus have an outlet?

Yes! In fact, there are FOUR Arhaus furniture outlet locations across three different states.

What is Arhaus Outlet?

The Arhaus Outlet is where you can go to get a slice of this luxury brand at a fraction of the price. At one of their four outlets, you’ll find Arhaus furniture that is off-season, customer returns, overstock products, and new in box merchandise. You can find out more information about what to expect from outlet quality right here.

With each new visit to an Arhaus furniture outlet you can expect to discover a whole new selection of furniture. Arhaus stock is constantly changing!

What is Arhaus Loft?

Arhaus The Loft is the formal name of the Arhaus outlet store. It is not quite as commonly known, so you may encounter the wording Arhaus Outlet more often. The terms are definitely used synonymously.

Arhaus Outlet Locations

You might be wondering, “Is Arhaus furniture near me?” Check below for current Arhaus locations.

Want to find more outlets near you? Click here!

Arhaus Loft Prices

Arhaus the loft
arhaus outlet
arhaus loft
arhaus outlet store
arhaus factory store
arhaus factory outlet
arhaus warehouse

How much cheaper is the Arhaus Outlet?

Arhaus The Loft typically starts their discounts around 50% off retail price, but will mark more heavily blemished items with an even steeper discount.

Does Arhaus Outlet have sales?

Yes! On top of the generous initial discount, they very often run additional sales. Occasionally, they will run 50% off everything sales, which is typically referred to as their Arhaus warehouse sales.

Some examples of promos that they have stacked on their lowest ticketed price in past include:

  • 50% off: dining tables, outdoor, everything
  • 40% off: bedroom, soft goods, outdoor, dining chairs, buffets, wall units, desks
  • 30% off: bedroom, office, upholstery, occasional, wall units, stools, dining, everything
  • 20% off: sectionals, lighting, everything
  • 10% off: everything
  • Discount with purchase: $99 Nina dining chair (limit $10) with dining table purchase

Can you negotiate at Arhaus Outlet?

Arhaus the loft
arhaus outlet
arhaus loft
arhaus outlet store
arhaus factory store
arhaus factory outlet
arhaus warehouse

Some outlets, like West Elm and Pottery Barn, are very rigid with negotiating even if the item is quite damaged. I have found that outlets that do not have a “Standard” pricing model are more receptive to offers.

In the case of Arhaus The Loft, since they do not have a formalized pricing model, I would give negotiating a try. They are fair in further marking down more damaged items as well.

Want to see how I negotiated at RH Outlet? Click for my template!

Are all sales final at the Arhaus Outlet?

Yes, all sales are final at the Arhaus Outlet.

Is it a good idea to compare outlet prices to the online prices?

Absolutely! Outlet prices are determined based off of the full retail price and don’t account for any current online sales. Make sure to look up your item on the Arhaus website to ensure you can’t get a better deal online. I have seen MANY items on sale online that are right around outlet price due to the current sale. In that case, go with the online option, as you’ll get a warranty.

Don’t forget to see if you can grab an Arhaus coupon code!

Is there an Arhaus Outlet website?

While the in-person Arhaus Outlets do not have a website, you can find the Arhaus warehouse sale online in this post.

Is Arhaus Outlet on social media?

Yes! They are most active on instagram. You can find the links to their social media accounts below:

Arhaus Outlets on Instagram:

Arhaus Outlets on Facebook:

What is the best day to go to the Arhaus Outlet?

Arhaus the loft
arhaus outlet
arhaus loft
arhaus outlet store
arhaus factory store
arhaus factory outlet
arhaus warehouse

The best day to go to the Arhaus Outlet revolves around the following situations:

Truck Delivery Days

When do Arhaus Outlets get shipments?

Call ahead to your local Arhaus Outlet to confirm the most up-to-date delivery days.

With that in mind, shopping during the week at any outlet is my recommendation. I have yet to find an outlet that receives delivery trucks on the weekend, so the selection will likely be more picked over on weekends. Click here for more outlet tips.


Deeper discounts can often be found around a holiday, but so can substantially larger crowds. I recommend getting to your Arhaus Outlet prior to open, if possible, to ensure that you are the first in line.

Can I call to see what is in stock at the Arhaus Outlet?

Yes, you can call the Arhaus Outlet near you to see of they have your item in stock- just have the item SKU available.

No Arhaus Outlet nearby? Check out the Arhaus Online Outlet or check for online Arhaus promo codes!

Does the Arhaus Outlet deliver?

Arhaus the loft
arhaus outlet
arhaus loft
arhaus outlet store
arhaus factory store
arhaus factory outlet
arhaus warehouse

Unfortunately, Arhaus The Loft does not offer an in-house delivery service. You can ask them if they have any local delivery referrals or check out my third party recommendations (they’re often cheaper!).

Do Arhaus Outlets ship?

Unfortunately, Arhaus Loft does not ship. Do make sure to check out their online clearance deals if you need something shipped!

You may have luck locating someone to purchase on your behalf. Check out this FAQ on outlet personal shoppers.

What kind of Arhaus Furniture is at Arhaus Outlet?

Anything on the website (past or present), could potentially be at the Arhaus Outlet. Arhaus stock is constantly changing at the outlet. Just because you see it online doesn’t guarantee it will be available at the time of your visit. Below are some examples of items spotted while outlet shopping.

Arhaus Outlet Photos

Arhaus Dining Table

Can you believe that the Arhaus Kensington table is available for purchase at the outlets?! I have seen these pop up frequently in updates and on instagram.

Take a look at more Arhaus tables with slashed clearance pricing online here.

Arhaus Dining Chairs

While the Arhaus Outlet has tons of discounted chairs, you can land some equally good deals by browsing Arhaus clearance chairs here.

Arhaus Stools

Arhaus Bar Stools, including the popular Jagger stool, often frequent the outlets. You can even find these Arhaus Counter Stools online RIGHT NOW for half off! Give them a peek.

Arhaus Mirror

Without a doubt, the Arhaus Amelie mirror is a huge hit and for great reason. The quality, size, and design just cannot be matched. These mirrors and so many others have been slashed in pricing online. Click here to scope it out.

Arhaus Sectional

You can absolutely find Arhaus sectionals at the outlets. Keep a close eye on the Arhaus clearance section to snag one online for a similar discount.

Arhaus Sofa

Need an Arhaus couch? Head straight to the Arhaus outlet or browse their current clearance options online.

Arhaus Chairs

You can find a chair, and in some cases even an Arhaus recliner, for any design preference at the outlet, as they seem carry quite a wide range of choices. You can also browse their online clearance options here.

Arhaus Ottomans

Arhaus ottoman goldmine at the outlet! So many varying shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors- there truly is something for everyone. You can also find online clearance ottomans here.

Arhaus Coffee Table

If you are looking for Arhaus coffee tables, head straight to the Arhaus Outlet for some serious variety. Nothing of your taste? Browse the online clearance specials to save big!

Arhaus Side Tables

Arhaus side tables can also be found online!

Arhaus Console Tables

A nice selection of Arhaus buffet pieces can be found at the outlet. You can also find some discount options online right here.

Arhaus Lighting

The outlet has so many Arhaus lamps and chandelier options available. Even better, there are options online too!

Arhaus Chandeliers

Arhaus Floor Lamps

Arhaus Table Lamps

Arhaus lighting
Arhaus chandelier
Arhaus floor Lamps
arhaus lamps
arhaus table lamps

Arhaus Rugs

Browse a decent selection of discounted Arhaus rug options in-store and online too.

Arhaus Bed

Sometimes outlets don’t have as much space for larger items like beds, but you’ll still find some nice options at Arhaus The Loft. Don’t forget to browse their clearance online options.

Arhaus Nightstands

It can be difficult at times to find pairs to certain items like nightstands or chairs. This is when shopping Arhaus clearance online can really come in handy!

Arhaus Dresser

Arhaus dressers can definitely be found at the outlet OR shop clearance online.

Arhaus Desk

Browse all of the Arhaus desks available in their online clearance here as well.

Arhaus Outdoor Furniture

The Arhaus Factory Outlet offers seasonal outdoor furniture and decor. Now is a fabulous time to browse their online clearance section, as most of their outdoor options are heavily marked down due to it being off season!

Arhaus Bench

Dining bench and entryway bench options, while not as common, can still be found at the outlet. Browse online clearance options too!

Arhaus Bookcase

Need an Arhaus bookcase? Book it over to the outlet (see what I did there?! ;)) or browse online clearance deals.


Is the Arhaus Outlet Worth it?

1000% yes! I am so incredibly jealous that I don’t have Arhaus Loft in my neck of the woods. The fact that they mark down automatically to around 50% off, further discount damaged items, AND frequently run flash sales with additional promos, this is an outlet you won’t want to miss if saving money is important to you.

Have you been? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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