Restoration Hardware Outlet: Simpsonville, KY

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Discount40% standard (up to 80%); Clearance Tags can reach 95% (limited quanitites)
Inventory Drop OffWednesday
Delivery AvailableI recommend third party delivery.
WaitlistCall/email them the item number along with contact info.
Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc)Yes, 10% military discount (person must be present with military ID)
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Before jumping into today’s update, please take a moment to check out important information about the RH Outlet. This post will provide you with all you need to know about the RH Outlet, including all locations in North America, pricing structure, considerations, and more. You also won’t want to miss this post on how you can save even more money at the outlet!

Delivery Days: Restoration Hardware Outlet

I gave this Kentucky RH Outlet a call to get the scoop on their deliveries and clearance tags. Trucks currently come in on Wednesday, so planning a visit around this time would maximize your chances of finding the very best items. I also inquired about Clearance Tag items. The gal on the phone mentioned they don’t have a ton of options right now, but they will mark down items with dents, dings, or other noticeable damage. Make sure to negotiate if you see damage!

Simpsonville Restoration Hardware Outlet: June 7, 2022

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