Williams Sonoma HOME: Vacaville, CA

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Discount50-70% off retail price
Inventory Drop OffMonday and Thursday around 7am
Shipping AvailableNo
Delivery AvailableNo, but there are Third Party options
WaitlistYes, contact them!
Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc)No
Social MediaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wsvacaville/

The Outlet Lead Up

You may remember several months back, I posted a poll in the facebook group to gauge which outlets you wanted featured. Williams Sonoma HOME was the victor! And I can understand why. This store is absolutely stunning. You can just tell the moment you walk in that the quality of their items are exceptional. I’m a big fan.

After that feature post, something so cool happened. They reposted me on their Instagram!!! It was really one of those moments that you never forget. Here I was, new to the scene and still trying to get my footing, and WILLIAMS SONOMA HOME SHOUTED ME OUT! Cue: Frugal corpse drop. I really do credit them for giving me the confidence boost I needed to turn this into something spectacular. So, thank you Williams Sonoma HOME!

The Outlet Details

In case you didn’t clink that link to view the old post, it’s worth repeating that this is the ONLY Williams Sonoma HOME Outlet in the entire country. There are many Williams Sonoma Outlets, but what sets this outlet apart is the abundance of furniture goods (not just kitchen items). This store truly should be a destination spot for anyone in the area.

They change their store deals weekly, so I recommend following them on social media to see the current discounts. They have posted some amazing one off sales as well, like this FANTASTIC deal on bedding! I had to stop what I was doing and go check it out for myself. This sale is no longer going, but one of the many reasons you should follow them NOW!

So what deals do they have going on now you ask? Here is what the sales looked like on Sunday, September 26, 2021. Keep in mind, the discount is applied at checkout, so when you see the ticketed price you are going to need to a) utilize your junior high algebra skills or b) cheat and grab your phone calculator to determine what the final price will be.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how many items had a special sale sign next to them. I can tell you, these items are all excellent in quality and it is definitely worth a trip over if you see any you like. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

Do you believe me now? Well, here are hundreds of other photos to convince you that Williams Sonoma HOME Outlet in Vacaville, CA is THE PLACE to be!

Have any of you been able to go visit the Williams Somoma HOME Outlet in Vacaville, CA yet? Any good scores? Tell me about it in the comments!

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