Serena and Lily Outlet Annex Sale Ends 9/25!

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City and StateVacaville, CA
Date and Time of Photos9/23/21 around 12pm
Discount50% off retail
Inventory Drop OffOutlet: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Pop up Side: No more deliveries, closing this Saturday!
Shipping AvailableNo
Delivery AvailableNo, but there are Third Party options
Social MediaNo

The Lead Up

It’s the end of an era. The epic sale that inspired me to start a Facebook group and, not long after that, this entire website is coming to a close. The Serena and Lily pop up (apparently called an Annex… who knew!) is officially closing down this Saturday, September 25th. It’s been quite a ride over there. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people while shopping, have had awesome conversations with staff, and fielded tons of questions from all of you!

Serena and Lily Outlet, Serena and lily, Serena & lily, Serena & lily outlet, Vacaville, California

Honestly, I barely knew Serena and Lily before stumbling into this pop up sale back in February, but I’m so grateful to have found them! It has led to the creation of an immensely supportive, exceptionally helpful community of like-minded “champagne taste on a beer budget” outlet shoppers! I am so, so grateful you are all here. Hearing your wins and seeing you all help one another score fantastic deals is the LITERAL reason I am doing this. Don’t be shy- message me and tell me about your bargain finds!

In fact, today I had my first follower come up to me and ask if I was That Outlet Girl! How cool is that?! Now, perhaps it was obvious from my excessive photo taking, but still a milestone for me nonetheless. Shout out to Mary Beth from Napa! I hope you got some killer deals today and it was SO nice talking to you. If any of you ever spot me while out and about- please come say hello! I guess this means I should start looking more presentable in public, huh? (Thanks pandemic laziness).

The Outlet Details

The chairs and stools are $49 until this Saturday. Rugs range from $25 up to $550, depending on the size. After Saturday, inventory will be moved back over into the Serena and Lily Outlet storefront and the slashed pricing will be no more. Let’s all take a moment of silence for those $49 prices.

Serena and Lily Outlet, Serena and lily, Serena & lily, Serena & lily outlet, Vacaville, California

I dug through the pillow cover bins like I was mining for gold circa 1848 (Apparently that’s when the California Gold Rush started. Thanks Google!). The options now are more limited than at the beginning of the sale. What you see in the photos are accurate to what was there at the time of my visit. There are no guarantees those options will be there when you go, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! They mentioned new pillow covers would not be coming in. It’s also not too late to enter my Serena and Lily “Pick Your Pair” Pillow Giveaway! Entries for that will close October 3rd.

Serena and Lily Outlet, Serena and lily, Serena & lily, Serena & lily outlet, Vacaville, California

Don’t worry, I’ll still be back to the Serena and Lily Outlet in Vacaville, CA, it just won’t be as often. The are so many amazing outlets in this area like Williams Sonoma HomeWest ElmRestoration HardwareLe CreusetPottery Barn, Crate and Barrel Furniture Clearance Center, and World Market and I have a ton of others I’ve yet to go to that I want to visit.

If you want to have an email straight to your inbox when those new features happen, feel free to sign up for my email list. I FINALLY got it set up- woohoo! You can find it on the home page toward the bottom or in the annoying pop up box that you probably x’ed out immediately.

So tell me, did you have the chance to swing by this amazing (dare I say, once in a lifetime?) sale? I would love to hear what you scored!

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FYI, I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Serena and Lily. Just a happy customer!

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