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Not a fan of small talk? Me neither. Jump straight to the Home Décor and Furniture Outlet Directory here and the Facebook group here!

I’m Kelli- a mom, full-time project manager, and now an on-the-side blogger (find out how that happened here). If you live anywhere near the outlets in Vacaville, CA it is very possible you’ve seen me before. I’m that outlet girl. The one that goes incognito (cue: hat, sunglasses, mask) and takes photos and then shares it with the world.

What am I doing here, exactly? It’s pretty simple: I want everyone to live like royalty (see what I did there?). Quality home décor does not need to come with a hefty price tag. By shopping at high end designer outlet stores like the Serena and Lily outlet, Crate & Barrel outlet, and Pottery Barn outlet, I have affordably furnished my home in quality pieces- and saved 75-90% off doing it! Most people have no idea these stores even exist. There are affordable furniture outlet locations all over the US, but not a great way of finding them. So… I made an outlet-by-state directory!

Here, I hope for you to save tons of money, get high quality items without busting your budget, and give a “defective” item another shot at love by easily locating home décor outlets in your own backyard!

From the blog

Lexington Home Brands Factory Outlet: Lexington, NC

Inventory Drop Off Random Shipping Available No Delivery Available They recommended Arcadia: https://arcadiahomedelivery.com/ Website https://www.lexingtonoutlet.com/ Social Media None for the outlet The Guest Post Lead Up Lexington Home Brands Factory Outlet is a new one for the North Carolina Outlet Directory and a big thanks to Jennifer for finding it! If you didn’t have a chance…

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TDF + Clearance Center: Linwood and Lexington, NC

Discount Up to 70% off Inventory Drop Off Daily at TDF, randomly at Clearance Center Shipping Available No Delivery Available Yes, in immediate area. Website https://www.tdffurniture.com/ Social Media Lexington TDF Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TDFLexington/Clearance Center Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TDFClearanceCenter/TDF Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tdffurniture/?hl=en The Guest Post Lead Up Next up from Jennifer’s North Carolina outlet updates is TDF (Transit Damaged Furniture) in…

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Furnitureland South Outlet: Jamestown, NC

Discount Up to 70% off Inventory Drop Off Daily Shipping Available Yes, price dependent on location/weight/etc. Delivery Available Yes, according to the video on their website. Waitlist No, but if you connect with designer they can help. I chatted with Rebecca Carlson (704-650-0199) and she was super helpful! Website https://www.furniturelandsouth.com/north-carolina-furniture-outlet Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FLSOutlet/ The Guest…

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