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Before I jump into information specific to Restoration Hardware Outlet shopping, I suggest checking out one of my most popular posts on strategies for making the most of your outlet visit. There are over 30 tips and tricks that I have shared (as well as some Facebook group member and Instagram follower recommendations) on how to score the very best deals- like timing your visit on the day their inventory gets delivered and following your favorite outlets on social media to get real time inventory updates.

Restoration Hardware Outlet is quickly shaping up to be one of my very favorite ways to score high end designer furniture for a fraction of the price. Keep reading to see what I scored for 90 PERCENT OFF RETAIL!

Restoration Hardware Outlet Locations

Fun Fact

Restoration Hardware does not list their outlet locations on their website, even though there are nearly FORTY in North America, INCLUDING Restoration Hardware in Canada!

RH Outlet in Clearwater, FL. Photo courtesy of Betsy.

Restoration Hardware Outlet Pricing Structure

RH Outlet in Vacaville, CA

There really is no reason to scour the internet for a Restoration Hardware coupon or cry over the lack of Restoration Hardware coupon codes. Similar to the Crate and Barrel Outlet pricing structure, Restoration Hardware does offer some of their pieces at clearance pricing. This is truly where the magic happens at RH Outlet.

The items start at a set percentage off, typically 50% from my experience, and increase in percent off each week or two (location dependent), capping out at 95% off!!! I was able to score a $3970 table for $397. Watch my frugal corpse hit the floor.

The table I purchased for $397 (90% off!)

The amount of clearance tags you find is going to vary from visit to visit. You might find a ton one day and barely any the next. Some people have reported that their outlets consistently don’t have many of these tags, while others have found an abundance- so make sure you visit with this in mind.


Keep your eyes peeled for the black strip at the top of the price tags. These are the clearance items that decrease in price but they can be hard to miss. Focus on tags that look like this:

Clearance Tag items

Most of the items you will find inside of the Restoration Hardware Outlet are typically around 30-40% off. I have heard many people compare outlet pricing to member pricing, though I haven’t researched that similarity myself yet. The tags for these items, which won’t decrease in price, look like this:

Regular tag items (won’t decrease in price)

If you want to save EVEN MORE on clearance items, click here!

RH Furniture

You might be wondering, “What kind of RH furniture can be found at the Restoration Outlet?” I have seen so many fan favorites at the outlet. It is absolutely a no brainer to check your local outlet before purchasing retail. Here are some examples of modern Restoration Hardware sale items I have seen during outlet visits:

Restoration Hardware Dining Room

  • Restoration Hardware Tables: There is a ton to browse in regards to Restoration Hardware table options, dining chairs, and barstools at the outlet. In my experience, these types of products are more likely to be on clearance, possibly due to the more delicate nature of wood during transit. I have seen MANY Restoration Hardware tables and tabletops for 90% off (including my own!)
  • Restoration Hardware Dining Chairs and Barstools: Typically, it can be difficult to find multiples of the same Restoration Hardware barstools or dining chairs. If you have patience, however, it is possible to piece together a full set. Another option is to complete the set by purchasing the remaining chairs online. This will still save you money overall.
  • Restoration Hardware Lights: You can find a plethora of Restoration Hardware chandelier options at the outlet. The clearance selection is a bit more limited in my experience, but the deals for Restoration Hardware pendant lights can be found.

Restoration Hardware Living Room

  • Restoration Hardware Sofas: I have seen the ever popular Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch at the outlet numerous times on clearance.
  • Restoration Hardware Sectionals: Restoration Hardware modular sectional slipcovers can be found at their outlets for insane prices- typically close to 90% off.
  • Restoration Hardware Coffee Table
  • Restoration Hardware Drapery: I have had followers reach out to tell me their CRAZY deals on custom drapery at the outlet. Literally $1. I’m not joking.
  • Restoration Hardware Rugs:

Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture

There is a great selection of outdoor furniture at the Restoration warehouse outlet. I noticed a huge uptick in clearance tag items around the transition into winter. If you can hold off, I recommend shopping for outdoor RH furniture at this time.

Restoration Hardware Outdoor Dining Tables, Coffee Tables and Side Tables

Restoration Hardware Outdoor Seating

RH Outlet Client List

This outlet DOES offer a client list! “What exactly is a client list?” you might be wondering. It is, essentially, a waitlist for a specific product. You will contact the outlet, provide the SKU, any other details about the item of interest, and your contact information. If/when that product arrives at the outlet, they will give you a call! From what I have been told, RH Outlet offers a really robust client list system, whereby you can request to be contacted within a certain radius. I LOVE this! This means you can tell them you’d be willing to travel xxx miles, which will increase your chances of locating your item for way less.

Furniture Delivery

While Restoration Hardware Outlets typically do not have an in-house delivery company, they do often have some third party recommendations. These recommendations will typically be a local moving company or a moving app like Dolly or Task Rabbit. Also check out! Head straight for the register or keep an eye out for possible signs scattered throughout the store for additional information. Pictured below are the various companies that have been utilized by clients in the Bay Area in California. I have heard glowing reviews about ProMovers from various group members and followers.

Restoration Hardware Outlet Features

Now that you know how to score the BEST deal at RH Outlet, feel free to browse from various outlet blog feature updates and video below. Even if you aren’t local to the area being featured, I recommend checking them out anyway, as it will give you a good idea of the types of items you might see as well as typical damage (or lack thereof!). Don’t forget, even if you see paint or stain damage, don’t write it off immediately. These are often very simple fixes with one of their repair kits!

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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by any of the outlets featured and these are solely my own opinions based on my own experiences.

Want to find a list of outlets near you?

Check out the US Outlet-By-State Directory or Outlets Abroad outlet directories! No outlets nearby? No problem! Check out the Online Only Outlets here!