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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

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I know. I get it. You want a West Elm coupon. The pandemic hit and all of our favorite brands just yanked that money savings rug out from under us. Is a West Elm sale or West Elm coupon code a thing of the past? Time will tell, but I’m hanging on to hope.

So how can you save RIGHT NOW on a West Elm coffee table? Or a West Elm dining table? Or West Elm rugs? Or alllll the other things we love from this midcentury modern store leader?

Easy! Check out the online West Elm Open Box Deals section.

Is there a West Elm Outlet Online?

Yes, there is a West Elm Open Box Outlet online!

What does an open box item mean at West Elm?

West Elm open box deals are on-sale items that have been opened and returned and sold at a deep discount, typically around 50% off or more! It is one of the best ways to save at West Elm right now.

What is West Elm open box quality?

According to the website, West Elm open box may show damage such as light scratches, fabric pulls, slight fabric wear, or may require tightening or leveling. Items are not guaranteed to come in their original packaging. Your purchase could be in nearly perfect condition or have minor imperfections- so you have to decide if you want to roll those dice!

Is open box the same as used?

No, open box does not mean the items are used. An open box item simply means that the item was opened and returned, likely due to minor issues. Open box items may not come in their original packaging.

Curious about other open box online outlets? Click here to browse the full Online Outlet list!

How can you tell if something is an open box item?

A West Elm open box item will have a red square in the top righthand corner that reads “open box item,” like the image below:

Can I return West Elm open box items?

No, West Elm open box returns will not be possible. Like most in-person outlets, all sales are final and likely void of any warranty.

What can you find in the West Elm Open Box section?

Anything that can be found on the website might also be found in the West Elm Open Box section. Keep in mind that inventory in this section changes constantly, so it is a good idea to check back often.

Typically, West Elm Open Box item quantities are limited. New inventory is added to their website as items get returned. Keep a close eye on the online West Elm Open Box section to score the very best deals.

Here are some current examples of what can be found in the West Elm Open Box Deals online:

West Elm Open Box Sectional

The West Elm Harmony Sectional can be found in Open Box clearance for up to 65% off right now! Keep a close eye on configurations, colors, and fabric types. With a little patience, this would be an excellent way to piece together a West Elm Harmony sectional for a major discount! To browse all West Elm sofas and sectionals, click here.

West Elm Open Box Sofa

Save nearly 40% off this West Elm Open Box sofa by shopping the open box section. You can browse all current West Elm Open Box couches right here.

West Elm Open Box Coffee Table

Save 40% on this West Elm open box coffee table! To browse all open box coffee tables currently at West Elm, click here.

West Elm Open Box Lighting

This adorable adjustable West Elm floor lamp is now FIFTY percent off in open box clearance! Jump right here to view all current West Elm open box lighting.

West Elm Open Box Shelf

Nearly 50% off on these floating shelves from West Elm Outlet online! Click here to browse all open box deals on shelving.

West Elm Open Box Curtains

KILLER deals on West Elm Open Box curtains- like these neutral beauties for 61% off! To check out all open box curtain, head right here.

West Elm Open Box Chair

Another fabulous discount at 40% off is this West Elm open box accent chair. To scope out all open box deals, click here!

West Elm Open Box Rug

There are quite a few options online for West Elm open box rugs. I’m digging the texture on this neutral rug for 40% off. You can find more neutral and colorful options too right here.

West Elm Open Box Desk

I love everything about this West Elm open box desk that is currently available. Click here to browse all of the desks and more priced-to-sell items in the open box section.

West Elm Open Box Mirror

Nab this pretty gold West Elm open box mirror for 40% off! Way more goodies to be found in the full open box section right here.

West Elm Open Box Quilt

Fall into a fantastic savings by shopping West Elm open box quilts online! 50% off on this linen quilt plus wayyyyy more right here.

West Elm Open Box Console

Cane is definitely having a moment right now with home décor and furniture. Hop on the trend for less by shopping this West Elm open box console for 50% off! To browse even more open box deals, check it out right here.

West Elm Open Box Reviews

I have talked to so many of you that have successfully and frequently shop West Elm Open Box deals online. Here are some recent real life reviews I received over on Instagram at the time of sharing this article:

“Love it. They were in perfect condition.” -Abby

“Got a perfect white couch. The shipping company will often let you know if there is damage to the piece. They sent me a picture of the small scratch on the table and let me know I could reject the delivery.” -Katie

Received some great feedback regarding turnaround time. While many have received their items quickly without issue, you’ll want to keep in mind that “items are shipped from various warehouses to regional hubs for customer delivery. Nothing is delivered until the hub has everything. Table base shipped, table top did not. So delivery has not been scheduled.” -Sara

Let us know your experience in the comments.

I will update this section with direct feedback now that this post has been created, so check back soon!

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