Serena and Lily Outlet: Vacaville, CA

We have a wedding to attend this weekend and my seven year old son requested some clothes that would make him look like a “little gentleman.” Is that not the most precious thing ever? Being the frugal queen I am, I decided to hit up some thrift stores in Vacaville. I want to support my son’s desire to be a little gentleman for a night, but not for retail price. Twenty dollars later and he has a whole ensemble- two nice button ups (options), a vest, a tie, and some snazzy loafers. He is going to be so stoked. Don’t worry, my daughter also got some new things too. 🧡 Since I was in the area I decided to swing by the Serena and Lily Outlet in Vacaville to give you all an update.

And, it’s officially official. I can now confirm what I have been hearing. An employee verified they will close up the Serena and Lily chair and rug pop up by the end of August. Anyone else shedding tears? This just feels wrong. How can you give us a taste of the good life and just rip it away!? How are we supposed to go on after this? Better to have loved and lost, my a$$. If you’ve been wanting to go, it really is now or never (though, they have extended this a couple times so far, so fingers crossed!).

I am toying with the idea of weekly updates for the next few weeks until it closes down, that way any of you wanting to make the drive over can better prepare. Can you let me know if that interest you? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time spamming your eyeballs if it isn’t wanted. Let me know in the comments, mmkay?

Have any of you been able to go visit in person yet? Any good scores? Tell me about it in the comments!

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F YI, I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Serena and Lily. Just a happy customer!

4 thoughts on “Serena and Lily Outlet: Vacaville, CA

  1. I just came across your post and it is so helpful to read. Thank you! Do you know if they still have a large selection of chairs there? And do you know when the weekly truck delivery is for the Vacaville location? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Victoria! So glad you found the post! Sadly, this amazing slashed pop up is closed now BUT they’ll still be getting some chairs in (just not in the quantity as they were before). Someone posted the new price list over in the Facebook group and they are still going to be a good price. If you pop over to the group it was just posted yesterday. Last I heard, deliveries are Monday (closed though, so go on Tues) Wednesday, and Friday. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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