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Serena and Lily Outlet Information

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What is Serena and Lily Outlet?

Serena & Lily is a crazy popular coastal home trendsetter, specializing in bedding, furniture, and home décor. This Sausalito based company, created in 2003, truly sets the tone for elegantly casual, coastal design. Neutral wood tones, light and airy color palettes, soft and feminine materials, and beautiful textures are masterfully incorporated into every handcrafted item.

The Serena and Lily Outlet is where returned inventory, items with manufacturing defects, discontinued styles, or overstock items are sent. To get a better idea of what to expect in regards to outlet quality, check out this post.

The Serena and Lily Outlet in Vacaville, CA will always hold a special place in my heart. This is the outlet that got this wholllllllleeee thing started.

If you want to read more about the creation of my That Outlet Group Facebook group, That Outlet Girl Instagram, and THIS website, you can do so here. Spoiler alert: I was very reluctant.

Serena and Lily Outlet Locations

The question everyone is wondering, “Is there a Serena and Lily Outlet near me?” Check below for current Serena and Lily locations.

Click the state hyperlink to view all outlets in that state:

Serena and Lily Outlet Prices

Most of the items at the Serena and Lily Outlet are 50% off retail price. You can find a variety of items with even steeper discounts. Prices are as follows:

  • Rugs: 60% off retail price
  • Stools/dining chairs: 60% off retail price (see photo above)
  • Select Pillow covers: 60% off retail price
  • Wallpaper:
    • Non-grasscloth: $39/roll
    • Grasscloth: $59/roll
  • Bedding:
    • King Size
      • Sheets: $125
      • Duvets: $125
      • Quilts: $125
    • Queen Size:
      • Sheets: $100
      • Duvets: $100
      • Quilts: $125
    • Full Size
      • Sheets: $75
      • Duvets: $100
      • Quilts: $125
    • Twin Size
      • Sheets: $50
      • Duvets: $50
      • Quilts: $125
    • Shams: $29 (all sizes)
    • Pillow Case Sets: $29 (all sizes)
    • Bed Skirts: $35
  • Bath:
    • Washcloths: $5
    • Hand Towels: $10
    • Bath Towels: $20
    • Bath Sheets: $25
    • Shower Curtains: $35
  • Everything else is 50% off retail price

How much cheaper is the Serena and Lily Outlet?

Depending on when you go and if any flash sales are currently happening, you can save anywhere from 50% off (minimum) to 75% off.

Does the Serena and Lily Outlet have sales?

I find that the Serena and Lily Outlets tend to do some amazing flash sales relatively frequently. There is no pattern that I have seen on when these sales are announced, but often fall around a holiday or if they have an excess of a certain item.

Stay up to date on the happenings of the outlet by joining my Facebook group or following me on Instagram.

Can you negotiate at the Serena and Lily Outlet?

One thing that really sets the Serena and Lily Outlet apart from other outlets, is that they are very receptive to negotiating, especially if the item has significant damage or there is overstock. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

What is the Serena and Lily Outlet return policy?

All sales are final, but I have also found them to be really reasonable. They allowed me to exchange a Balboa dining chair cushion when I realize the zipper was broken once I got home. It doesn’t hurt anything to ask!

Is it a good idea to compare outlet prices to the online prices?

Absolutely! Outlet prices are determined based off of the full retail price and doesn’t account for any current online sales. Make sure to look up your item on the Serena and Lily website to ensure you can’t get a better deal online. I have seen MANY items on sale online that are right around outlet price due to the current sale. In that case, go with the online option, as you’ll get a warranty.

Don’t forget to see if you can grab an online coupon!

Can you purchase from the Serena and Lily Outlet online?

Unfortunately, no. However, I’ve been tracking online clearance deals for awhile now and can say that their clearance prices often come close to, match, or beat outlet prices!

I consistently feature these amazing Serena & Lily online deals. You can follow that in my Facebook group, Instagram, or LTK, or keep a close eye on their clearance section.

I’m not near a Serena and Lily Outlet. Do you have a Serena and Lily online discount code I can use?

Yes! Click here to see the most current online Serena and Lily promo codes.

I really need more ways to save at Serena and Lily. Can you help?

I can! I’ve put together some creative ways to save at Serena and Lily. I hope it helps!

Is the Serena and Lily Outlet on Instagram?

Sadly, the Serena and Lily Outlets are not on social media at all. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

Is Serena and Lily Outlet on Yelp?

Yes! You can check out the Vacaville location here and the Berkeley location here.

Where are the Serena and Lily Outlet store locations again?

There are three Serena & Lily Outlet stores. One in Vacaville, CA (870 Alamo Drive, Vacaville CA 95688), another in Berkeley, CA (2236 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702), and a brand new one in Bluffton, SC (Suite 210 at 1414 Fording Island Rd. Bluffton, SC 29910).

What are the Serena and Lily Outlet hours?

The Serena and Lily Vacaville Outlet and Serena and Lily Berkeley Outlet stores are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-4pm.

The Serena and Lily Bluffton Outlet is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am-6pm and Sunday from 11am- 9pm.

What is the best day to go to the Serena and Lily Outlet?

Deliveries to the CA outlets *typically* occur on Monday (for Tuesday open), Wednesday, and Friday every week. I’ve asterisked typically because it’s not uncommon for deliveries to be rescheduled or delayed.

Timing your visit around these drop off days will yield the best outlet shopping results. For this reason, weekend visits may be a bit lackluster. From my own experience of frequenting this outlet, it is best to go at open (get there early as lines do form!) or closer to closing (~2pm+).

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Berkeley, CA 94702

870 Alamo Drive
Vacaville, CA 95688

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Does Serena and Lily Outlet have a Client List?

Some outlets, like Restoration Hardware Outlet, will add you to their client list and contact you if a specific item arrives at the outlet. Simply leave your contact information and the item SKU, and wait for that exciting phone call!

Serena and Lily Outlet does not provide this service at this time.

Can I call to see what is in stock?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Due to the overwhelming number of phone calls this store started getting once I posted updates (Sorry, S&L crew!!), they no longer answer their phones.

How can I contact the Serena and Lily Outlet?

The Serena and Lily customer service for the outlet will occur via email at

Does the Serena and Lily Outlet deliver?

While Serena and Lily Outlets do not have an in-house delivery company, you do have a couple of options for obtaining these beautiful items for a fraction of the price. If you are local and able to purchase in person, you can hire a company to come pick up the items and deliver for you. You can find more information regarding this process here.

Does the Serena & Lily Outlet ship?

No, unfortunately they do not. You might have some luck locating a Serena and Lily Outlet personal shopper, though!

Will there be another Serena and Lily pop up sale?

The Serena & Lily Outlet occasionally does pop up sales for specific products with incredibly slashed prices. They ran a $49 chair and stool pop up special for about six or so months in a vacant building next door.

I also heard they had a rug pop up out in the parking lot once, but that was before I discovered their outlet.

Fear not, I will always update you when one of these special Serena & Lily outlet pop up sales happens!

What does the Serena and Lily Outlet have?

The Serena and Lily Outlet might have anything you currently see online, as well as discontinued items.

Serena and Lily furniture is constantly changing, so just because you see it online doesn’t guarantee it will be available at the outlet. Below are some examples I have seen from my many visits at the Serena and Lily Outlet.

Serena and Lily Outlet Photos

Serena and Lily Wallpaper

You can find a wide variety of wallpaper, including Serena and Lily Feather Wallpaper! You can also shop the dupe.

Serena and Lily Lighting

You can find a ton of amazing coastal chandeliers at the Serena and Lily Outlet. You can also shop the dupe.

Serena and Lily Chandelier

Serena and Lily Lamps

Serena and Lily Sconces

Serena and Lily Stools

You can definitely spot the ever popular Serena and Lily Balboa Counter Stool at the outlet. You can also shop the dupe.

Serena and Lily Counter Stools

Serena and Lily Bar Stools

Serena and Lily Dining Chair

It is not uncommon to find the Serena and Lily Riviera Chairs at the outlet. You can also shop the dupe.

Serena and Lily Dining Table

Serena and Lily Benches

Or shop the dupe.

Serena and Lily Step Stool

Although I can’t seem to located a photo of the Serena and Lily Step Stool, they often have these in stock! You can also shop the dupe.

Serena and Lily Bar Carts

Yep, shop the dupe for this one too.

Serena and Lily Hanging Chair

Serena and Lily Art

Serena and Lily Coffee Table

Serena and Lily Sofas

Serena and Lily Chairs

You can also shop the dupe.

Serena and Lily Rugs

A couple of dupes here.

Serena & Lily Bedding

You can find a ton of bedding at the Outlet, though some of the more popular ones, like the Serena and Lily Westport, are defintiely more rare. You can check out my Westport and Serena and Lily Priano duvet dupes here!

Serena and Lily Sheets

Serena and Lily Quilts

Serena and Lily Duvet

Serena and Lily Pajamas

Serena and Lily Bedroom

You can find a nice selection of Serena and Lily nightstands and dressers at the outlet. Beds will be a lot less common, and nearly impossible at the smaller Serena and Lily Outlet stores like the Berkeley and Bluffton locations. You can also shop the dupe.

Serena and Lily Bed

Serena and Lily Nightstand

Serena and Lily Dressers

Serena and Lily Desks

Serena and Lily Basket

Serena and Lily Kids

Serena and Lily Outdoor Furniture


Does Serena and Lily sell floor models?

I know it is disappointing that the Serena and Lily Outlets are only in two of our many states. Did you know Serena and Lily Design Shops do samples sales?

Typically once the next season approaches, Serena and Lily retail locations will begin selling their floor samples for a steeper discount. It starts at 20% off and will increase in discount the longer it sits.

Is the Serena and Lily Outlet Worth it?

Absolutely! Not only can you get items for 50-60% off retail price, the Serena and Lily Outlet also consistently runs flash sales with an additional 20-40% off markdown! This will put total cost anywhere from 70-80% off retail, which is a significant savings. These flash sales can come randomly, but I have noticed them happening more often around holidays.

Do you know of any good Serena and Lily dupes?

I sure do! Click here to check them out.

Curious about other name brand outlets? Click here!

Serena and Lily Outlet Review

Now that you know how to score the BEST deal at Serena and Lily Outlet, feel free to browse from various outlet blog feature updates and the one (and only) video update below.

Even if you aren’t local to the area being featured, I recommend checking them out anyway, as it will give you a good idea of the types of items you might see as well as typical damage (or lack thereof!).

Don’t forget, even if you see paint or stain damage, don’t write it off immediately. These are often very simple fixes with repair kits!

Video Tour: This may be the only video tour I do at the Serena & Lily Outlet. After getting permission to go live, they later decided that video can not be taken inside their stores. If you are dying to get a look inside this outlet, check it out below.

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