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Serena and Lily Outlet Hacks to Save 95% off!

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What if I told you there is no reason to frantically Google “The Best Serena and Lily Dupes Right Now?” It is more than possible to score authentic Serena & Lily for 95% off the retail price by shopping at the Serena and Lily Outlet.

As a matter of fact, I’ve personally managed to save around 95% multiple times by timing my visits with pop-up sales. I’m thrilled to share my tips and tricks with you so you can do the same!

Did you know Serena & Lily has an online clearance section that can save you 50% or more?!

Serena & Lily is a crazy popular coastal home trendsetter specializing in bedding, furniture, and home décor. This Sausalito-based company, created in 2003, is known for its neutral wood tones, light and airy color palettes, soft and feminine materials, and beautiful textures.

In fact, this coastal brand has gained a loyal following amidst the coastal grandma and grandmillennial community, a specific subset of millennials with a love for a coastal home with granny chic decor but without the lofty budget to match.

Does Serena and Lily have an outlet?

Yes, there are FOUR S&L Outlets currently open: two in California, one in South Carolina and one in Florida.

What is the S&L Outlet?

serena and lily outlet stools

The outlet is the absolute best place to go if you are looking for Serena and Lily on sale!

Here you will find an affordable gold mine of authentic merchandise, none of that made-for-outlet nonsense. Therefore, the items in the outlet stores are the same stylish and high-quality pieces sold on their main website but at a fraction of the cost.

Outlet items may include customer returns, slightly imperfect products, minor manufacturing defects, discontinued items, off-season merchandise, and even samples used in catalog photoshoots (which is so cool!).

Additionally, S&L Outlet stores are a great place to find overstocked goods, making it the perfect destination for bargain hunters looking for brand-new, top-notch deals at unbeatable prices.

If you’re curious about the quality you can expect from outlet stores, I’ve got you covered. Check out this post for a closer look and a better idea of what you can expect when shopping at outlet stores. Trust me; it’s always good to be prepared before you hit the stores, so you aren’t disappointed!

Serena and Lily Outlet Locations

The question everyone is wondering, “Is there a Serena and Lily Outlet near me?” Check below for current Serena and Lily locations.

Click the address below to be redirected to the website for additional details.

Want to find more outlets near you? Click here!

What are the Serena and Lily Outlet hours?

The Serena and Lily Outlet hours are as follows:

  • California outlets: Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-4pm
  • Bluffton Outlet: Wednesday through Saturday from 10am-6pm; Sunday 11am-6pm
  • Florida Outlet: Wednesday through Sunday 10am-6pm

Serena and Lily Outlet Prices

How much cheaper is the outlet?

Most items at the outlet start at 50% off the retail price – which is already a steal in my book! However, if you go during a flash sale, you can expect discounts even more significant than the respective discounts. But keep in mind that prices are always subject to change.

Here’s a breakdown of the current costs without additional sales:

Rugs50% off retail price
Stools/dining chairs50% off retail price
Select Pillow coversStarting around 30% off retail price
– Non-grasscloth$59/roll
– Grasscloth$89/roll
– King SizeSheets: $200, Duvets: $200, Quilts: 50% off retail
– Queen SizeSheets: $150, Duvets: $150, Quilts: 50% off retail
– Full SizeSheets: $150, Duvets: $150, Quilts: 50% off retail
– Twin SizeSheets: $125, Duvets: $125, Quilts: 50% off retail
Shams$39 (all sizes)
Pillow Case Sets$39 (all sizes)

Does the outlet have sales?

From my experience, the outlets offer some seriously amazing flash sales quite often. But here’s the thing, there’s no predictable schedule for when these sales will happen.

Typically, they occur around holidays or when there’s an overstock of a particular product.

But let me tell you about the chairs and stools! In 2022 and again in 2023, they had this fantastic warehouse pop-up sale at the Vacaville and Berkeley outlet, where their gorgeous chairs and stools were going for just about $50 apiece.

Trust me when I say, you won’t find a better deal on these beauties anywhere else!

Will there be another Serena and Lily warehouse sale?

I wish I knew if there will be another Serena and Lily pop up outlet sale! The outlet won’t confirm if this event will ever return, but so far, we know it happened in 2022 and in 2023.

In 2022, they had an incredible $49 chair and stool event in a vacant building next door that literally started this entire blog. No one thought deals like that would ever come back.

But in 2023, the Vacaville outlet took it up a notch with a pop-up extravaganza. In addition to $59 chairs and stools, there were $299 beds, $249 outdoor sofas and tables, $129 outdoor armchairs, chaise lounges, hanging swings, $199 consoles and coffee tables, $99 light fixtures, select rugs, and so much more. I maaaay have gotten a couple of sofas, tables, and swings myself!

2023 Pop-Up Sale Details:

Check out what it looked like at the start of the sale:


However, in the plot twist of the century, at the close of the 2023 pop-up, the chair and stools prices were reduced to $29!!

On the last day, they slashed that $29 price down to just $19, rugs to $59, tables to $49, and lighting to $29. inventory was flying within minutes. Consequently, I couldn’t help but scoop up this Driftway coffee table for my new home. I knew I wouldn’t recover from that FOMO!

Furthermore, check out the close of that sale right here:


The Berkeley Outlet ran a similar promotion, but because the building is so much smaller, at a much smaller scale. Although the Bluffton Outlet didn’t quite hit $59 for chairs and stools, they did drop to $79, which is still a steal compared to retail!

Remember that these special pop-up sales aren’t necessarily annual events, but don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. Whenever one of these fantastic sales happens, I’ll update you so you can save big!

What is the best day to go to the outlet?

Serena and Lily outlet delivery

If you’re planning a visit to one of the CA outlets, deliveries typically occur on Monday (for Tuesday open), Wednesday, and Friday every week. It’s worth noting deliveries are sometimes rescheduled or delayed.

For the FL and SC outlet, the best days to go are Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you time your visit around these weekday drop-off days, you’ll have the best chance of finding new merchandise and snagging the best deals. As a result, it can be picked over on the weekends. Plan your visit for a weekday, if possible.

It’s a good idea to get to the outlet early for the best shopping results, as lines can form quickly and the personal shoppers are ON IT.

On the other hand, I’ve also had good luck visiting an hour or two before closing. They often restock inventory for the next day.

And while you can usually find deeper discounts around holidays, be prepared for larger crowds. If you can swing it, try to get to the outlet hours (yes, you read that right) before opening to ensure you’re first in line and get first dibs on the best deals.

How can I snag the best items during my visit?

In addition to timing your visit with the delivery days and arriving before opening, here are some more tips to help you shop like a pro:

Grab Hold Tags

If you want to ensure that you don’t miss out on the best deals at your local store, grab hold tags at the register! These tags indicate your interest in purchasing a particular item and can hold it for you for up to 30 minutes.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that other savvy shoppers may also be vying for the same deals. If you notice an item has been on hold for over 30 minutes, it’s worth speaking to customer service to see if it’s available for purchase.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to snag your favorite items simply because you waited too long or didn’t ask.

Know Your Store Layout

Familiarize yourself with the store layout and make a beeline for your desired section as soon as you arrive.

This is especially important if you’re hoping to snag a popular item, like a coveted rug or furniture item.

Don’t waste time leisurely strolling through the store – get straight to the section you need and start hunting for deals.

Visit Often

If you’re really committed to finding the best bargains, consider visiting the store often – even daily, if possible.

This will increase your chances of finding the items you love at a fraction of their retail price.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

One of the best ways to find the perfect item at your local store is to ask for help! While it’s not a guarantee, store employees may be able to provide valuable insight into what inventory is on its way or hidden away in the back room.

In fact, I once had incredible luck asking about a specific item and was thrilled when the store called their warehouse and promised to have it on the next day’s delivery truck. And true to their word, the item was waiting for me when I returned! You can check out more tips like this here.

Remember, in outlets, you will often be competing with expert shoppers, so moving quickly and efficiently is crucial.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to scoring amazing deals and finding the perfect items for your home.

Do I need to take my items immediately?

This policy may be store dependent or subject to change at any time, but as of this update, items must be removed from the store within 24 hours. During a pop-up warehouse sale, it must be taken home that same day.

Not sure how to get your items home? Check this out!

Can you negotiate at the outlet?

In contrast to most outlet stores, one thing that sets S&L Outlet apart is that they are very receptive to negotiating. If the item has significant damage or there is overstock, I suggest you negotiate. Many folks have succeeded with this, so it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Is it a good idea to compare outlet prices to the online prices?

Absolutely! Outlet prices are determined based on the total retail price and don’t account for current online sales. Please look up your item on their website to ensure you won’t get a better deal online.

I have seen MANY items for sale online that are around outlet price. In that case, go with the online option, as you’ll get a warranty.

Don’t forget to grab an online coupon!

Can you purchase from the Serena & Lily Outlet online?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official Serena & Lily online outlet. Nonetheless, here’s something to cheer you up – I’ve been keeping a close watch on their online clearance deals, and let me tell you, they can sometimes match or even beat the prices at the outlet stores!

I consistently feature these amazing Serena & Lily online deals in my Facebook group, Instagram, or LTK. You can also keep a close eye on their clearance section to snag some amazing bargains.

What is the outlet return policy?

When shopping at the outlet, all sales are final. For this reason, it is essential to come prepared with desired measurements, configurations, and color schemes to determine if an item will be appropriate for your space.

Additionally, it is also a good idea to bring a tape measurer, fabric or paint swatches to match, or a friend for a second opinion. 🙂

From what I’ve seen, the S&L Outlet is reasonable regarding product defects. For example, when I had a problem with a Balboa dining chair cushion with a broken zipper, they let me exchange it without hassle.

Moreover, I heard another customer was able to return a rug with a hole in the center. So, if you run into any issues, it’s worth talking to them about it.

I’m not near an outlet. Do you have any online discount code I can use?

Yes! Click here to see the most current online Serena and Lily promo codes.

I really need more ways to save. Can you help?

serena and lily sales

Absolutely! I’ve curated a list of innovative ways to save that can help you save on this luxurious brand. From discovering reliable sources for pre-loved items to unraveling their exclusive referral program, my tips are sure to come in handy!

Does the outlet have a Client List?

Some outlets will add you to their prioritized client list and contact you if a specific item arrives at the outlet. So leave your contact information and the item SKU, and wait for that exciting phone call! Unfortunately, the S&L Outlet does not provide this service at this time.

Can I call to see what is in stock?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Due to the overwhelming number of phone calls this store started getting once I posted updates (Sorry, S&L crew!!), they no longer answer their phones.

Does the outlet deliver?

If you cannot transport your Serena and Lily outlet finds on your own, don’t worry! While the outlet does not have a delivery service, options are still available.

For locals who can purchase in person, you can hire a third-party delivery company to pick up and deliver the items. More information about this process can be found here.

Does the Serena & Lily Outlet ship?

Serena and Lily coffee table

Unfortunately, they do not. Though, you may have some luck locating an outlet personal shopper!

How can I contact the outlet?

The Serena and Lily customer service for the outlet will occur via email, as they do not answer their phones. Email replies are not guarenteed:

  • Berkeley, CA:
  • Vacaville, CA:
  • Hilton Head, SC:
  • Daytona Beach, FL:

Is the outlet on Instagram?

The Serena and Lily Outlets recently joined Instagram! You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook for CA updates! For FL and SC updates, you’ll definitely want to join my Facebook Group

What does the outlet have?

The outlet might have anything you currently see online and discontinued items.

Serena and Lily furniture is constantly changing. Just because you see it online doesn’t guarantee it will be available at the outlet. Below are some examples from my many visits to the outlet.

Outlet Photos

Serena and Lily Wallpaper

You can find a wide variety of wallpaper, including Serena and Lily Feather Wallpaper! Also, check out their shop their sale wallpaper.

Serena and Lily Lighting

Tons of amazing coastal chandeliers can be found at the outlet. Don’t forget to shop their online sale lights.

Serena and Lily Chandelier

Serena and Lily Lamps

Serena and Lily Sconces

Serena and Lily Stools

You can find the ever-popular Balboa Counter Stool at the outlet, so no need to look for Serena and Lily stool dupes! Shop for their sale stools online and maximize savings.

Serena and Lily Counter Stools

Serena and Lily Bar Stools

Serena and Lily Dining Chair

It is not uncommon to find the Serena and Lily Riviera Chairs at the outlet. Shop their sale chairs online as well!

Serena and Lily Dining Table

Serena and Lily Benches

Or shop clearance.

Serena and Lily Step Stool

Although I can’t seem to locate a photo of THE step stool, they often have these in stock! They can often be found on clearance here.

Serena and Lily Bar Carts

Yep, shop clearance carts for this one too.

Serena and Lily Hanging Chair

Serena and Lily Art

Serena and Lily Coffee Table

Serena and Lily Sofas

Serena and Lily Chairs

You can also shop clearance chairs.

Serena and Lily Rugs

You can find a nice collection of rugs on sale!

Serena & Lily Bedding

You can find a ton of bedding at the Outlet. Some of the more popular ones, like the Serena and Lily Westport, are definitely rare. You will want to visit daily to potentially score.

Serena and Lily Sheets

Serena and Lily Quilts

Serena and Lily Duvet

Serena and Lily Pajamas

Serena and Lily Bedroom

Looking to furnish your bedroom with Serena and Lily furniture? You can score some great deals on nightstands and dressers at the outlet.

Beds may be harder to find, especially at smaller locations such as Berkeley and Bluffton. However, keep an eye on their online clearance section for discounted beds.

Serena and Lily Bed

Serena and Lily Nightstand

Serena and Lily Dressers

Serena and Lily Desks

Serena and Lily Basket

Serena and Lily Kids

Serena and Lily Outdoor Furniture

Do the retail stores sell floor models?

While it’s a bummer that the Serena and Lily outlets are only located in two (soon-to-be three) states, there is still hope for those of us who don’t live nearby! Did you know that their Design Shops also have sample sales?

As the next season approaches, Serena and Lily stores often sell their floor samples at a significant discount, starting at 20% off and increasing the longer they sit.

For instance, a fabulous supporter recently shared her successful experience with the floor model sale, where she saved an impressive 35% off the Grady sofa.

She also mentioned how helpful the sales associates were when she called in to inquire about availability and fabric options.

Moreover, the sales associate went the extra mile by sending her photos so she could make her purchase over the phone hassle-free.

Check out this beauty!

However, due to the continued use of floor models until the next seasonal reset, promotion item pickup is typically scheduled at a later date, which means you may not receive your item immediately after purchase.

Additionally, I highly recommend signing up for Serena and Lily’s email newsletter to stay in the loop and be the first to know about upcoming sales or events.

Is the Serena Lily Outlet worth it?

If you’re a fan of coastal-inspired home decor, looking to save money, and want the real deal instead of a Serena and Lily dupe, then the Serena and Lily Outlet should be on your radar. This is the perfect destination to find amazing deals on furniture, bedding, and other items to decorate your home.

At the outlet stores, you can snag returned inventory, discontinued styles, and merchandise from photoshoots, along with overstocked items and products with manufacturing defects.

The prices are unbeatable, ranging from 50% to 95% off the retail price, depending on the current flash sales and deals. Plus, you can often negotiate on overstocked or damaged items.

You’ll be delighted to find stools, dining chairs, pillow covers, wallpaper, rugs, king and queen-size bedding, and so much more at discounted prices to complete the look of your home.

Keep in mind all sales at the outlet are final. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to compare outlet prices with the online prices in the clearance section before purchasing. Online items are backed by a warranty.

In conclusion, with a bit of patience and perseverance, you can find some fantastic outlet deals on Serena & Lily’s chic coastal-inspired products and get the real deal for even less than Serena and Lily knock off pricing.

Friends, let me tell you, the quality of Serena and Lily is simply unparalleled! You won’t find anything that can beat it, trust me.

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Serena & Lily Outlet Reviews

In addition to browsing my posts, you can also find Yelp reviews for the Vacaville location here and the Berkeley location here. You can also find a ton of video content on all social media platforms, just search it!

Video Tour:

serena and lily outlet youtube

Happy Shopping!!

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