Pottery Barn Outlet: Alameda, CA

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Date/Time of Photos11/30/21 at 3pm
Discount30-60% off retail price (deals change weekly)
Inventory Drop OffTwo trucks, Monday through Friday!
Shipping AvailableNo
Delivery AvailableNo, but they recommend Lugg, Promovers and The Movers.
WaitlistYes- call with SKU, but recommended to still call back often.
Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc)No
Social MediaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/potterybarnoutlet_alameda/?hl=en

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Disclaimer: These photos were taken on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Outlet inventory moves quickly, so it is best to call ahead to confirm if the item is still available.  Additionally, I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by any of the outlets featured and these are solely my own opinions based on my own experiences.

As some of you may know from my Instagram stories updates, I am in desperate need of a new couch. My nearly 12 year old Macy’s Radley has finally kicked the bucket and needs a replacing ASAP. I knew that the Pottery Barn Outlets nationwide were having a 50% off sale to celebrate Black Friday, so I decided to make the drive over to Alameda, CA on the last day of the sale (WHY DIDN’T I GO ON THE FIRST DAY?!!).

PSA: Please go to the outlets with your desired measurements already in mind. This is just the courteous thing to do as a fellow shoppers. I had the most mind-blowing experience during this visit. I found a couch that I was interested in purchasing, but a couple arrived at opening (10am), snatched at least 4 or 5 tickets off the couches, and proceeded to hold these tickets hostage until I left around 4pm. They brought their computer, baby, and proceeded to build a 3D model of their house OUT IN THEIR CAR to determine if the various couch options would work in their space. Yes, you did read that right and no, I am not joking.

“The” couch

I was pretty disappointed that they chose to take the opportunity away from so many other customers to enjoy the 50% off sale, as this outlet will not sell an item without a ticket until the next day (and the sale would have ended by then anyway). But alas, that couch purchase just wasn’t meant to be and surely something better will come along for me.

PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. It is incredibly rude. Come with your ideal measurements in mind and shop accordingly. In fact, I am going to update my Outlet Shopping Tips with this one.

Pottery Barn Outlet Locations

  • Arizona: Goodyear
  • California: Alameda, Arvin/Tejon Ranch, Moreno Valley, West Covina
  • Georgia: Dawsonville
  • Illinois: Joliet
  • Massachusetts: Northborough
  • Michigan: Birch Run
  • Missouri: Fenton
  • New York: Riverhead
  • Ohio: Jeffersonville
  • South Carolina: Gaffney
  • Tennessee: Memphis
  • Texas: Arlington, San Marcos, Webster
  • Virginia: Fredericksburg

Pottery Barn Outlet Pricing Structure

Pottery Barn Outlet and all of the sister companies (West Elm Outlet and Williams Sonoma Outlet) have adopted a weekly rotational model with their discounts. Essentially, their items come in tagged with the retail price and then each week, the percentage off certain categories will change. For example, when I visited this week, the savings was 50% off the lowest ticketed price. I generally see the discounts ranging from 30% (the standard discount right now for furniture due to inventory shortages) up to 70% off (for out of season items like outdoor furniture or clearance items).

You will sometimes find items at the outlet that have a further markdown from retail price. This is usually due to damage or defect, though that may not always be the case. You could easily spot two of the same coffee tables- one that is perfect and one that is damaged- and they will be the same price. So, make sure you give your items a thorough examination, as purchases are final sale.

I have often found that Pottery Barn Outlets do various “Manager Specials,” often on overstock items that need to get cleared out. Be on the lookout for those because the savings is generally very high.

Furniture Delivery

While the Pottery Barn Outlet in Alameda, CA does not have an in-house delivery company, they do have some third party recommendations. Pictured below are the various companies that have been utilized by clients in their store. I have heard glowing reviews about ProMovers from various group members and followers.

Outlet Inventory Observations

Inventory at the outlets are CONSTANTLY changing, so what stood out to me this time may not stand out to me during my next visit. If you see anything you like in the many photos below, make sure to call ahead to confirm availability.

Chairs: This is the place to be for rows and rows of chairs, many even in boxes! I found several sets of chairs during this visit so it would be a perfect time to swoop in and grab them to complete your table at home.

Lighting Fixtures: What I appreciate about this Pottery Barn Outlet location is that they print photos of what is inside the boxes. This makes it extremely easy to locate which fixture is inside which box. Make sure to open the box and check it out before purchase, though. There could be a cracked globe and since all sales are final I don’t want you to be in a pickle!

Rugs: The Pottery Barn Outlet in Alameda, CA has piles and piles of rugs. Seriously, if you need a rug, there are so many choices here. Keep in mind, even with the discount it can still be pricey, but the quality is great. I have found some incredible deals on rugs at the Crate and Barrel Outlet in Livermore and Tracy.

Couch pieces: They had parts of modular couches for ridiculously cheap. This would be a great option if you wanted to purchase a piece or two and complete the set by purchasing the rest for retail.

Headboards: There are rowwwwwws of headboards. Definitely come here if you need one!

Final Thoughts:  Overall, the Pottery Barn Outlet is a do not miss. Yes, you will find damged items that may seem overpriced (depending on what the current discount is), but there are plenty of nearly perfect items you can scoop up. Just go in with an open mind, time your visit with a 50% off sale (usually around a holiday), and have fun browsing. It is a huge space and you could easily spend an hour or two browsing.

Come shop with me by browsing the hundreds of photos below! See any favorites? Let me know!

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