Serena & Lily Outlet Joins Tanger Outlets Daytona Beach!

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Daytona Beach News: Hold on to your beach hats! Tanger Outlets Daytona Beach got a major upgrade that’s making waves in the home decor scene.

Iconic coastal home furnishing company Serena and Lily Outlet has set up shop to bring their chic and stylish designs to your doorstep.

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serena and lily outlet lighting on shelves and the floor

Imagine transforming your home into a coastal oasis with effortless elegance and soothing colors that will transport you straight to the beach. And all without breaking the bank! Now, you don’t have to dream any longer.

With the arrival of the Serena and Lily Outlet in Tanger Outlets Daytona Beach, you’ll be able to shop their signature styles and bring that beachy vibe right into your living room at a price point that will make you smile.

Get ready to experience Serena and Lily’s incredible quality and attention to detail, all at outlet prices. From coastal-inspired bedding to beautiful dining room sets and everything in between, this will soon be the perfect destination for your list of things to do in Daytona Beach.

Let’s break down all your burning questions because this is one outlet you won’t want to miss!

What is the Serena and Lily Outlet Florida address?

serena and lily tanger
Image credit: Tanger Outlets

You’ll find the new Serena and Lily Outlet at 1100 Cornerstone Blvd, Suite 490 in the city of Daytona Beach, FL 32117.

We also know that the Serena and Lily Outlet at Tanger Outlets Daytona Beach will have a decent amount of inventory. I was told it’s the fourth largest allocated space within the outlet complex.

What are the Serena and Lily Outlet Florida hours?

serena and lily outlet Florida locatioon

If you’re planning a trip to the Tanger Outlets in Daytona Beach, you’ll want to know the hours of operation. According to Serena and Lily’s website, the outlet is open:

  • THURSDAY: 10AM – 6PM
  • FRIDAY: 10AM – 6PM
  • SATURDAY: 10AM – 6PM
  • SUNDAY: 10AM – 6PM

What is outlet pricing?

More information about Florida’s pricing model can be found right here.

What will the outlet offer?

I have heard from multiple visitors that the outlet will not be carrying bedding, linens, and wallpaper- just larger items. I have not been able to confirm this directly with Serena and Lily Outlet, but keep this in mind.

UPDATE: They recently started carrying some of these items, so they may be shifting gears.

What are the delivery days?

serena and lily outlet sale sign and chandelier

While I don’t know the exact delivery days just yet, rest assured that I’ll keep you in the loop as soon as a consistent pattern emerges after their grand opening.

The rumor-mill is saying Wednesday and Friday may be the best days to shop but I will update as I get more confirmation.

Typically, it takes a few weeks to iron out the specifics of the delivery schedule. However, I understand this information is important to you, so I will provide updates as soon as I have them!

So when is Serena and Lily Outlet Florida opening?

serena and lily outlet daytona beach store sign

There’s no official opening date for the Serena and Lily Outlet in Daytona Beach, but the hope is next month. IT’S OPEN!!!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in jobs in Daytona Beach FL, at the new outlet, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a job posting for a manager position! It officially went live about one week ago.

As the opening date approaches, more job opportunities will hopefully become available.

How can I find out more details?

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Can I shop the new Serena and Lily Outlet online?

I know you’re excited about the new Serena and Lily Outlet in Daytona Beach, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to shop there online.

However, fear not! I’ve been watching their online clearance deals and found they often come close to, match or even beat outlet prices.

I always feature their incredible deals (and more!) on my website and social media platforms. You can follow my deals here or check out their clearance section. Inventory changes often, so check back!

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Florida Serena and Lily Outlet Photos

Feel free to shoot me an email. As soon as photos trickle in, I’ll post ’em!

So, if you want to spruce up your home decor and add a touch of coastal elegance, check out the new Serena and Lily Outlet at Tanger Outlets Daytona Beach once it opens.

With their stylish designs and outlet pricing, you’ll be able to transform your home into a beachy oasis without breaking the bank.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of affordable shopping options with over 75 other outlets to explore at Tanger Outlets Florida. I know I’m ready to plan my Daytona Beach vacation!

How excited are you?! Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to find more outlets near you here!

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