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Did you know Pottery Barn has an online clearance & open box outlet section that can save you 50% off or more?!

What is Pottery Barn Outlet?

Pottery Barn reins as queen of neutral, timeless home décor and furniture with classic textiles and impeccable design. You can’t deny the homey sophistication of this wildly popular brand. So popular, in fact, that their outlets can be found in 13 states across the country.

When Pottery Barn furniture has been found with manufacturing imperfections, damage, over-produced, or returned it will be sent over to one of their SEVENTEEN Pottery Barn Outlet stores. Click here for more information about what to expect in regards to outlet quality.

Keep in mind, outlet inventory will vary from location to location and from week to week. You never know what will come in on their delivery truck, which is part of the fun of outlet shopping!

Pottery Barn Outlet Locations

You might be wondering, “Is there a Pottery Barn Outlet near me?” Check below for current Pottery Barn Outlet stores.

Click the address below to be redirected to the website for additional details.

Want to find more outlets near you? Click here!

Pottery Barn Outlet Prices

Pottery Barn Outlet
Pottery Barn

How much cheaper is the Pottery Barn Outlet?

I am most commonly seeing 30%-70% off online retail price for Pottery Barn furniture.

Due to furniture shortages and delays nationwide, Pottery Barn Outlet has lowered their standard discount amount on items like Pottery Barn sofas, sectionals, and accent chairs to 30% off.

You can find some killer deals on Pottery Barn baby, PB kids (including my very favorite, Pottery Barn backpacks), and seasonal and clearance items. Discounts can run as high as 70% off retail price!

Pottery Barn Outlet
Pottery Barn Outlet locations
Pottery Barn clearance
Pottery Barn on sale
Pottery Barn backpack
Pottery Barn backpacks

You can find items at the Pottery Barn Outlet that have a further markdown from OUTLET price. These items are marked with a “Special Savings” or “Managers Special” ticket.

Special Savings tickets are usually placed on more damaged or defective items, though that may not always be the case. You could easily spot two of the same coffee tables- one that is perfect and one that is damaged- and they will still be the same price. So make sure to give your items a thorough inspection!

Pottery Barn Outlet
Pottery Barn Outlet locations
Pottery Barn clearance
Pottery Barn on sale

Similar to West Elm Outlets and Williams Sonoma Home Outlets, Pottery Barn Outlets often have select “Manager Specials” throughout the store. These specific signs most often appear on overstock items that need to get cleared out. Be on the lookout, as the savings is generally very high (upwards of 70+% off retail price).

Pottery Barn Outlet
Pottery Barn Outlet locations
Pottery Barn clearance
Pottery Barn on sale

Does Pottery Barn Outlet have sales?

Yes! Pottery Barn Outlet and all of the sister companies, West Elm Outlet and Williams Sonoma Outlet, have adopted a weekly rotational model with their discount ranging from 30%-70% off retail price.

Pottery Barn Outlet items are tagged with the online price and then each week, the percentage off certain categories will change. With this in mind, the price written on the tag is NOT the price you will pay at checkout. You can calculate the total based on the advertised Pottery Barn discount for that week.

You can typically find the master discount sign at the front of the outlet store. There you will see the discount for every category for that week. You will also find smaller red signs scattered around the store to remind you what that specific department’s discount is.

No Pottery Barn Outlet nearby? Check out the Pottery Barn, PB kids, and PB Teen Online Outlets or check for online promo codes!

Pottery Barn Outlet
Pottery Barn Outlet locations
Pottery Barn clearance
Pottery Barn on sale

Does the Pottery Barn Outlet negotiate?

I have found that the Pottery Barn Outlet does not negotiate. I won’t stop you from trying (on the one off chance you succeed) but definitely don’t expect one.

Are all sales final at the Pottery Barn Outlet?

Yes, all sales are final and sold in as-is condition at the Pottery Barn Outlet. It is important to make sure you thoroughly inspect the item you are considering purchasing, even when it appears to be brand new in the box. I heard from a supporter that once she got home, she realized her light fixture was missing a glass globe. The outlet would not accept a return.

Is it a good idea to compare outlet prices to the online prices?

Absolutely! Outlet prices are determined based off of the full retail price and doesn’t account for any current online sales. Make sure to look up your item on the Pottery Barn website to ensure you can’t get a better deal online.

Don’t forget to see if you can grab an online coupon!

I have seen MANY items on sale online that are right around outlet price due to the current sale. In that case, go with the online option, as you’ll get a warranty.

Does Pottery Barn Outlet have a website?

While the in-person Pottery Barn Outlets do not have a website, you can find the online Open Box Outlet section for Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and Pottery Barn Teen in this post.

Is Pottery Barn Outlet on social media?

Yes, you can find all of the Pottery Barn Outlets on social media, which is a great way to stay connected with their current inventory. Master Social Media Outlet List COMING SOON!

In the meantime, you can find all of the Pottery Barn Outlets linked on the Pottery Barn Outlets’ Instagram, so go give yours a follow!


What is the best day to go to the Pottery Barn Outlet?

The best day to go to the Pottery Barn Outlet revolves around the following situations:

Truck Delivery Days

The best time to head over to your local Pottery Barn Outlet is around their furniture delivery days, as you will be more likely to have your pick of the newest inventory. When do Pottery Barn Outlets get shipments? Truck days will vary from store to store, and sometimes even from week to week!

Call ahead to your Pottery Barn Outlet to confirm delivery days. Confirm if it is better to shop ON the delivery day or the day after. Some outlets pull new inventory out the day of, while others need a little more time.

With that in mind, shopping during the week at any outlet is my recommendation. I have yet to find an outlet that receives delivery trucks on the weekend, so the selection will likely be more picked on weekends. Click here for more outlet tips.


Pottery Barn Outlet, and really all outlets everywhere, save their highest discounts for holiday shopping. It isn’t uncommon to find Pottery Barn Outlet featuring a store-wide 50% off promotion around a holiday. This will result in an amazing savings on those typically lower discounted items, like Pottery Barn sofas.

Pottery Barn Outlet
Pottery Barn Outlet locations
Pottery Barn clearance
Pottery Barn on sale

Shopping during holidays doesn’t come without its drawbacks. Deeper discounts can be found, but so can substantially larger crowds. I recommend getting to your Pottery Barn Outlet prior to open, if possible, to ensure that you are the first in line.

Does Pottery Barn Outlet have a Client List?

Some outlets, like Restoration Hardware Outlet, will add you to their client list and contact you if a specific item arrives at the outlet. Simply leave your contact information and the item SKU, and wait for that exciting phone call!

Pottery Barn Outlet has been a bit hit or miss in regards to if they will do this, so make sure to ask!

Can I call to see what is in stock?

Absolutely! Give your Pottery Barn Outlet a call with the product SKU ready and they can search their computer system to see if it is currently in stock. Check back often!

Does the Pottery Barn Outlet deliver?

Pottery Barn Outlets typically do not offer in-house delivery, they do often have some third party recommendations. Talk to your friendly neighborhood Pottery Barn Outlet employee or keep an eye out for possible signs scattered throughout the store for additional information.

I do have some recommendations for third party delivery, including a list of moving apps like Dolly, or truck rentals from places like Home Depot. These options are often cheaper in price than the outlet store recommendation.

Do Pottery Barn Outlets ship?

Unfortunately, Pottery Barn Outlets do not ship. Due to an increase in credit card fraud, they have discontinued the ability to place orders over the phone. Make sure to check out their online open box outlet if you need something shipped!

You might have some luck locating a Pottery Barn Outlet personal shopper, though!

What kind of Pottery Barn Furniture is at a Pottery Barn Outlet?

Pottery Barn Outlet
Pottery Barn Outlet locations
Pottery Barn clearance
Pottery Barn on sale
Pottery Barn Outlet in Alameda, CA

Any merchandise you see on the Pottery Barn website could potentially be found in an outlet. It just depends on what got returned!

You may also find some of Pottery Barns’ sister brands (West Elm and Williams Sonoma) inside a Pottery Barn Outlet as well.

Here is a sampling of Pottery Barn furniture I have personally seen at my local outlet.

Pottery Barn Sofas

The number of Pottery Barn couches at the outlet is really decent! Take a look at more options with slashed clearance and open box (bottom of the page) pricing online here.

Pottery Barn Sectional

In addition to sofas, you can also find Pottery Barn sectionals at the outlet. More online outlet clearance and open box options are here.

Pottery Barn Chairs

While the Pottery Barn Outlet has tons of discounted chairs, you can land some equally good deals by browsing Pottery Barn open box or clearance chairs.

Pottery Barn Ottoman

You can absolutely find Pottery Barn ottomans at the outlets. Keep a close eye on the Pottery Barn open box and clearance sections to snag one online for a similar discount.

Pottery Barn Console Table

If you are looking for Pottery Barn console tables, head straight to the Outlet for some serious variety. Nothing of your taste? Browse the online clearance and open box specials to save big!

Pottery Barn Coffee Table

So many varying shapes, sizes, and colors for Pottery Barn coffee tables at the outlet- there truly is something for everyone. You can also find online clearance and open box coffee tables here.

Pottery Barn Side Table

If you are looking for Pottery Barn side tables, head straight to the Pottery Barn Outlet for some serious variety. Nothing of your taste? Browse the online open box and clearance specials to save big!

Pottery Barn Rugs

Open box or clearance Pottery Barn rugs can also be found online!

Pottery Barn Light

A nice selection of Pottery Barn lighting options can be found at the outlet. You can also find some open box and discount options online right here.

Pottery Barn Chandelier

The outlet has so many Pottery Barn chandelier options available. Even better, there are options online too!

Pottery Barn Dining Table

Head to the outlet for some fabulous Pottery Barn dining tables. Click here to explore the current online open box and clearance options.

Pottery Barn Dining Chairs

Dining chairs galore! You can find online open box outlet and clearance dining chairs right here.

Pottery Barn Bar Stools

While the Pottery Barn Outlet has tons of discounted stools, you can land some equally good deals (and ensure they all match!) by browsing Pottery Barn clearance and open box deals on stools here.

Pottery Barn Beds

Sometimes outlets don’t have as much space for larger items like beds, but you’ll still find some nice options on complete beds and headboards. Don’t forget to browse their clearance and open box online options.

Pottery Barn Bedding

Tons of bedding also available! You can find amazing deals on bedding online- even better than outlet pricing. Explore those online open box and clearance deals here.

Pottery Barn Dresser

Pottery Barn dresser options can definitely be found at the outlet OR shop clearance online.

Pottery Barn Curtains

You may have to dig for curtains! Some outlets are set up more like a storefront and some are like mine below! There is a huge number of curtains in the open box section!

Pottery Barn Baby and PB kids

Love Pottery Barn’s kids line so it’s such a treat when they show up at the outlet. You can find the best deals in clearance and open box for kids right here.

Pottery Barn Desks

You can find desks for any design preference at the outlet. You can also browse their online clearance options here.

Pottery Barn Bathroom Vanity

Pottery Barn Outlet is one of the absolutely bests if you are looking for bathroom vanities. They even have open box and clearance options online as well!

Pottery Barn Mirrors

Who wants to pay full price for mirrors when you can pay less?! More online clearance and open box mirrors are here.

Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture

The Pottery Barn Outlet offers seasonal outdoor furniture and decor. Now is a fabulous time to browse their online clearance section, as many of their outdoor options are heavily marked down due to it being off season!


Is the Pottery Barn Outlet worth it?

I absolutely think the Pottery Barn Outlet is worth it! Who doesn’t want to save 30-70% off retail price?!

Just make sure you time your visit with the outlet truck deliveries, price match the item you are considering purchasing with the current online price, and have fun!

Does Pottery Barn sell floor models?

If you aren’t near a Pottery Barn Outlet, don’t be sad. Retail Pottery Barn stores often do floor model or sample sales! These items are in-store displays and can be found for up to 50% off. Keep your eyes peeled as you walk around your store for special floor model tags or time your visit with one of their sample sale sale events. Keep in mind, all floor model sales are final.

They don’t widely advertise these sales, but when I hear of them I absolutely post about it in my Facebook Group and over on Instagram!

Do you know of any good Pottery Barn Dupes?

I plan to build up a big master list of Pottery Barn dupes. In the meantime, check out how you can find Pottery Barn dupes yourself!

Curious about other name brand outlets? Click here!

Pottery Barn Outlet Review

Now that you know how to score the BEST deal at Pottery Barn Outlet, feel free to browse from various blog outlet feature updates and video below.

Even if you aren’t local to the area being featured, I recommend checking them out anyway, as it will give you a good idea of the types of items you might see as well as typical damage (or lack thereof!).

Don’t forget, even if you see paint or stain damage, don’t write it off immediately. These are often very simple fixes with one of their repair kits!

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