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Ashley Furniture, also known as Ashley Homestore Furniture or Ashley Signature Furniture, has been manufacturing furniture for over 75 years and is widely known for its’ affordability and variety.

I used to think of of Ashley’s furniture as more traditional (think: overstuffed couches), but Ashley Furniture store has seriously upped their modern options to expand to a wider audience. Like this very on-trend dining table and bench.

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From furniture and mattresses to décor and lighting, Ashley Home carries one of the best capiz honeycomb lighting dupes around.

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If you are looking for your nearest Ashley Furniture or have ever searched, “Ashley Home Furniture near me,” then you will definitely want to read on to find out how to get cheap Ashley furniture.

Does Ashley Furniture have an outlet store?

Yes, Ashley Homestore Furniture does have an outlet store. In fact, they are one of the largest outlets, clocking in at sixty six Ashley’s Outlet stores across twenty six states!

What is Ashley Furniture Outlet?

Ashley Outlet, also referred to as Ashley clearance center, is the place to be if you want Ashley home furniture for less. At their outlets, you can expect a one-stop-shop shopping experience for all design preferences and budgets. Not only can you shop the Ashley furniture stores in-person, they also have outlet offers online!

The Ashley Furniture Homestore Outlet does not carry overstock from other stores, rather, you are getting the full retail experience but for less. While some pieces can be taken home same-day, others may need to ordered and shipped straight to you. That being said, you may still find one off scratch-and-dent and floor samples available for purchase with even steeper markdowns.

There isn’t much out there on Ashley Outlet, but I found this short interview to be informative and give you a good idea of what to expect inventory-wise.

Ashley Furniture Outlet Locations

Ashley Furniture Outlet in North Carolina

You might be wondering, “Is there an Ashley Furniture Outlet near me?” Check below for current Ashley Furniture locations.

Click the state hyperlink to view all outlets in that state!

Want to find more outlets near you? Click here!

Ashley Furniture Outlet Prices

Ashley Furniture Outlet

Is Ashley Furniture Outlet cheaper?

Yes, Ashley Outlet Furniture is cheaper than a regular Ashley furniture store. Based on this visit, prices typically fall around 20-30% off.

Ashley Furniture recliner
Ashley furniture power recliner

You can save more, though, if you know what to look for.

  • Look for the clearance items. These items appear to be closer to 50% off. Keep an eye out for the red CLEARANCE stripe at the top of the price tag, as pictured below:
  • Look for floor samples. Floor samples are items found in-store for display purposes only. Eventually, these one-off items are sold to make room for new display merchandise.
Ashley Furniture bed
  • Look for the Act Fast tags. You can find orange arrows in this tag for a visual cue to let you know these items are extra marked down, similar to the clearance tags.

Check out the Ashley Furniture Online Outlet or check for online promo codes!

Does Ashley Outlet have sales?

Yes, you can time your visit with an Ashley Furniture Outlet sale for deeper savings. For example, the Labor Day Sale at the Batesville Ashley Furniture Outlet store for 2022 was 40% off the ticketed price. Oftentimes, the larger sales fall around major holidays.

They have also been known to run special Ashley Furniture warehouse sales where merchandise reaches up to 70% off.

Does Ashley Outlet deliver?

I reached out to several of the Ashley Clearance Outlets and many do deliver within a certain mile radius. Give you local Ashley Furniture Outlet a call to find out more details.

Is there Ashley Furniture online shopping?

While the in-person Ashley Furniture Outlets do not have a website, you can find the Ashley Furniture Outlet website in this post.

Is Ashley Furniture Outlet on social media?

Yes! You can find Ashley Outlet’s corporate account on Instagram. In addition to their main account, they have several location-based accounts on both Instagram and Facebook too. Click here to find out how to set up Facebook notifications so you’re the first to know about your local outlets’ deals.

To find the Ashely Outlets, search “Ashely Outlet” in the search bar of your preferred social media. A ton of results will pull up!

What kind of Ashley Furniture is at an Ashley Furniture Mart?

Furniture Ashley Outlet Photos

All photos were taken at Ashley Furniture Outlet NC in Greensboro. If you need things to do Greensboro, definitely go check it out! Inventory is subject to change.

Ashley Furniture Bedroom Sets and Ashley Furniture Mattress

You can browse online outlet Ashley Furniture Bedroom sets here and mattresses here.

Ashley Furniture Bedroom Sets and Ashley Furniture Mattress

Ashley Furniture Beds

Ashley Furniture Dresser

You can find online outlet Ashley Furniture Dressers here.

Ashley Furniture Nightstands

Click here to explore the current online outlet Ashley Furniture Nightstands.

Ashley Furniture Desk

You can browse Ashley Furniture Desks and other office items in their online outlet here.

Ashley Furniture Desk

Ashley Furniture Sectional and Ashley Furniture Coffee Table

Check out the online outlet Ashley Furniture Sectional options here and coffee tables here.

Ashley Furniture Couches

Online outlet Ashley Furniture couches are right here.

Ashley Furniture Couches

Ashley Furniture Accent Chairs

Check out the online outlet Ashley Furniture Accent Chairs here.

Ashley Home Pillows

You can find online outlet pillows and decor right here.

Ashley Furniture End Tables

Check out Ashley Furniture End Tables in their online outlet right here.

Ashley Furniture TV Stand

Tons of online outlet Ashley Furniture TV Stands can be found here.

Ashley Furniture TV Stand with Fireplace

Ashley Furniture TV Stand with Fireplace

Ashley Furniture Console Tables

Ashley Furniture Console Tables

Ashley Home Lighting

Explore their online outlet lighting and decor options here.

Ashley Furniture Dining Chairs

Browse all of the Ashley Furniture Dining Chairs and tables available in their online outlet section here.

Ashley Furniture Bar Stools

More online outlet Ashley Furniture Bar Stools are here.

Ashley Furniture Bench

More Ashley Furniture Bench options can be found in their online outlet here.

Ashley Wall Art

Find more Ashley Furniture wall décor here.

Ashley Wall Art

Is the Ashley Furniture Outlet Worth it?

When you shop at the Ashley Home Outlet you can get cheap Ashley furniture year-round!

You can expect a discount of anywhere from 20-70% off when shopping for Ashley Outlet furniture. Definitely keep your eyes open for the clearance, act fast, and floor model tags or signs. That is where you will save the most money.

You can even apply for their Ashley Furniture credit card and explore their financing options.

Have you been to your local Ashley furniture warehouse outlet? Or to the Ashley Furniture Outlet in North Carolina? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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