Follow Pages on Facebook to Score the Best Deals FIRST!

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So you’ve found your favorite outlets on Facebook- great! That just means you are one step closer to snagging all the great deals before anyone else. If you see an outlet post an update, browse the items available and give them a call. Many outlets will allow you to place a hold over the phone.

You’ll want to ensure you properly set up Facebook notifications to alert you whenever these outlets post an update, that way you can be one of the first to jam over to their storefront OR comment that you’d like it shipped.*

Step 1: Like the Outlet Facebook Page

To follow an Outlet on Facebook, simply locate the thumbs up and click. Once you are following, the thumbs up will turn blue.

Step 2: Click the three dots

Step 3: Click on the “Following” Option

Step 4: Customize your Feed

Click on default.

Step 5: Switch from Default to Favorites

Step 6: Modify Notification Settings

Select how often you’d like to be notified of posts, videos, live videos, and offers.

And that’s it!

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