Anthropologie Final Cut Outlet: Indiana, PA

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Wanted to give a shoutout to Caitlin and Kelly for contributing some AH-MAZING content on the Anthropologie Outlet and Urban Outfitters Outlet, Final Cut, in Indiana, PA! Spreading the word about these deals literally would not be possible without so many others that share the same love for great deals- TAHNK YOU!

Caitlin is a freelance graphic designer + bargain hunter. In the truest sense, she lives and breathes beautiful design. So much so that she’s organized most things in her life by color. Her love for design paired with her drive for an amazing deal and passion for deep research has brought her to her new interest as a personal shopper. Caitlin loves making good design accessible to everyone. Will she drive hours to find the best Marshalls? Yes. Will she camp in her car to be first in line at Final Cut? Yes. Will she share this treasure hunt with anyone who will listen? Also yes. Tell her what you are looking for and she will track it down for you. 

Follow Caitlin for Personal Shopping the Final Cut Outlet Store on Instagram, for design, or just for fun on her personal account because she’s awesome.

Anthropologie Outlet Locations

No need to Google, “Anthropologie near me” anymore! Anthropologie locations are listed below:

What is it the Final Cut Store?

Indiana Final Cut is a warehouse sale in Indiana, PA that sells damages and returns from URBN brands including Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie furniture, Free People & Terrain. Most of their inventory is Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. 

How can I go to this Anthropologie Furniture Outlet?

The Final Cut Pennsylvania Store is open (roughly) from March-November monthly for ticketed sales. The tickets are free but there are only a certain amount to keep it safe and manageable. Tickets often sell out in seconds. Information on sale dates and tickets can be found on their Instagram. Sales are usually held on Fridays from 9am-12pm. 

What should I know before going to an Urban Outfitters Final Cut?

• This is a distribution center. The employees are very kind and helpful, but it is not a retail shop. They are often very busy and doing jobs that they don’t normally do (finding prices, loading furniture, etc.). I always do my best to be kind and understanding when things take awhile or there’s an issue. They do a lot to make it simple and easy for everyone with the resources they have, but it is not always perfect. + People LINE UP at the door for hours before. The team comes out around 8-8:15AM to go over the process and they start scanning everyone’s tickets. That way, they can just open the doors at 9AM and everyone can go in at the same time. There is definitely a benefit to being closer to first in line, but you will still find great stuff if you are 80th or last in line. 

• All items are first come, first served. They have a ticketing system that works really well and people respect it. Each item has two tickets – one has the price, the other reads “sold.” If you want to purchase an item, you can take the price ticket and leave the “sold” ticket. If something just has a “sold” ticket on it, you will know it is sold. You can carry your tickets around with you while you shop and then head to the checkout when you’re ready to pay. They also have LARGE cardboard bins around the room to put all your small items in if you’d like. The price and sold ticket have corresponding item numbers in case two people believe they grabbed the same ticket. If you want something, take the ticket but don’t grab a ticket for every little thing you might maybe think about buying. It takes that item away from someone else that might REALLY want it or it leaves stuff behind for the team to deal with. 

• They only accept Credit Cards. 

• You must take EVERYTHING with you. They don’t ship or deliver. 

• They do offer loading help. Usually there is a line/wait to get a loader. You are also welcome to load yourself. Tip your loaders. 

• Prices are generally 75% off on average. Some are more, some less. Items are anywhere from nearly perfect to deeply damaged. I recommend inspecting and testing your items before purchasing. 

• PRIMROSE MIRRORS! They usually have primrose mirrors. They are coveted! To avoid issues, they use a raffle system. If you are interested in a Primrose Mirror, you add your name to the raffle to PURCHASE one. They are not as deeply discounted as the other items. The pricing is generally closer to 30% off. 

Hot Tips for the Anthropologie Outlet in Indiana, PA

• Bring a folding chair, blanket, snacks, charger and book if you plan to show up early. 

• There is a Sheetz (gas station, food, coffee) about a mile away. There are also other fast food places and a Walmart nearby. 

• There is a bathroom inside. 

• You can ask for a damage discount. Yes, most things are damaged but if something is badly damaged, don’t be afraid to ask for an extra discount. + Planning to purchase furniture? Bring blankets, straps, etc. to keep your items safe & snug while you drive home. 

• Bring a measuring tape! 

• U-Hauls generally charge mileage. If you are coming from a further distance, check out Penske one-way rentals. They are more per day, but they include unlimited mileage. You can even pick-up in your town and return in the next town over to get the one-way pricing. 

What else should I know about this Anthropologie Outlet store?

• They generally send out pictures beforehand so you can get an idea of what they have. They aren’t great pictures. Sometimes the link doesn’t work. We still love them. 

• Rugs are all flat prices by size and they pile them on the floor. People swarm them and they become a huge mess but you can find a great deal if you’re willing to dig! 

• They don’t always have a lot of smaller items (Anthropologie decor, bedding, etc.)

What are the best deals (in my opinion) at Anthropologie Outlets?

• Mirrors (not including Primrose)

• Couches

• Rugs (if you want to dig!)

• Dressers

They always have a strong selection of all of the these!

The Outlet Gods were smiling down on me today. The timing of Kelly’s update of Final Cut Indiana in my Facebook group literally could not have come at a better time- the MORNING I planned to post this! Here are some more photos from her visit to the Final Cut April sale. She did mention the checkout line can take HOURS, so shop fast and plan accordingly! Stay tuned for the next sale announcement!

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