Serena and Lily Outlet $10 Pillow Sale

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As many of you may have heard by now, the Serena and Lily Outlets in Vacaville, CA and Berkeley, CA have slashed their pillow cover prices for their summer sale to ten dollars per cover. Many of the ones I have purchased retail for around $200-250 EACH!! Please excuse me while my frugal corpse hits the floor. This amazing doorbuster, along with the $49 chair and rug pop-up sale ending at the end of this month, makes this outlet a must see RIGHT. NOW.

At this time, I am not permitted to take photos inside of the store. So, instead, I will show all of you the pillow covers I have snagged for myself, my sister, and for… you guessed it… some fun giveaways! There is no way I could be this close to this kind of a deal and NOT bring it to you too. More on that coming up really soon.

These bags are stuffed full of giveaway covers!

Before I jump into the pillow cover sale update, I want to reiterate that I am in no way affiliated with Serena and Lily. I am just a fan and customer of the brand and get so much joy out of promoting their amazing deals to folks that share that same love of affordable, high quality home décor. The information I am relaying is strictly based off of my own observations and experiences. I am not privy to any updates or changes that occur at the outlet, so please don’t take my information as absolute facts.

So how is the sale working? I can only speak to the Serena and Lily Outlet in Vacaville, as I haven’t yet been to the Berkeley location. Currently, there are around 6-8 giant bins filled to the brim with an assortment of pillow covers. In my experience, going at open or later in the afternoon after the rush has died down, are the key times for the refreshed pillow cover inventory. I was told the $10 pillow cover sale is likely to continue through this month (September), but that’s subject to change based on availability. I have gone several times now and every time there has been a different selection. During my visits, there have been roughly 30 different styles mixed throughout the bins. It can be difficult to find the same pillow cover in twos, so finding pairs may not be a guarantee.

The first time I went, I really scored on finding pairs of so many beautiful options like the Addie Stripe, Winter Snow, Leighton, and the Topanga pillow cover in all three colorways (blue, beige, and gray). One thing to note about the Topanga (which I really love, by the way!), is that the thread surrounding the tassels will likely unravel. I read this feedback from many people in one of my home décor groups, so decided to jump on it before it became a problem. I got some fabric glue and applied it around the thread. This helped immensely in keeping the pillow in its original condition. It has been about 6 months since I purchased this cover (prior to this amazing sale), and it is definitely time to reapply the fabric glue due to some recent unravelling. Do you want a tutorial for this? Let me know!

Now that that tangent is done, let’s get back to why you are here… to see some covers! As I have mentioned before, I am in no way an interior designer and never, in a million years, would have thought I would someday create a home décor blog. I am a Pinterest wannabe, at best. Anyone else feel like they’ve done a decent job decorating and then they take a picture and it just looks blah? That’s me. Thankfully, though, you’re just here for the deals.

Have any of you been by this amazing $10 Serena and Lily Outlet pillow cover sale? I would love to know which ones you’ve found. But for now, take a peak inside my home!

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These are some of the $10 pillow covers my sister chose. My son decided to help with the staging photos. He’s pretty professional.

FYI, I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Serena and Lily. Just a happy customer!

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  1. I heard give-a-way but didn’t see any details! I LOVE the pillow covers but, of course, live in the Midwest. Are you going to be doing give-a-ways or raffles? How can I get my hands on some of these covers?? Thanks, Kim

    1. Hi Kim! I’ll be doing the giveaway really soon, just wanted to give a little sneak peek with the bags!

      Head over to my Facebook group for a list of personal shoppers in the area pinned to the announcements section ????

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