Pottery Barn Outlet: Alameda, CA

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Date/Time of Photos9/4/21, Saturday at 12pm
Discount30-60% off retail price (deals change weekly)
Inventory Drop OffTwo trucks, Monday through Friday!
Shipping AvailableNo
Delivery AvailableNo, but they recommend Lugg and The Movers.
WaitlistYes- call with SKU.
Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc)No
Social MediaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/potterybarnoutlet_alameda/?hl=en

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Home-Decor/Pottery-Barn-Outlet-Alameda-1603512086448374/

The Outlet Lead Up

Nine days ago, I mysteriously woke up with the worst pain in my neck. I have since been practically bedridden, visited a chiropractor and masseuse three times, and have been shoving Advil directly into my face every 4-6 hours on the dot. I am still not feeling great, but I can at least move now, so I decided to jam over to the Pottery Barn Outlet in Alameda, CA.

Pottery Barn Outlets nationwide are currently running a Labor Day sale for 50% off the entire store, so I knew I needed to go see for myself. If you want to check to see if this outlet (or any others!) are near you, you can find the nationwide home outlet directory here.

Beware, your GPS might get confused once you get close to the outlet. My mom overheard another shopper talking about how theirs also got them lost, so make sure to follow the giant “Pottery Barn Outlet” sign and then head for the building that looks like this:

The Outlet Details

There were a tonnnnnn of people there! And the warehouse is enormous. They carry all of the brands- Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Williams Sonoma Home, and West Elm, so there truly is something for everyone. You can check out my short store tour video right here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTaRaNpJZY5/

In walking around, some things really stood out to me. First, this is the place to come for some gorgeous rugs. There were SO many, I couldn’t even take photos of all of them. They also have endless amounts of dining chairs and headboards. The hilarious part of all of this is that the manager told me the store was currently pretty low on inventory. That was surprising, as it seemed pretty packed. Keep in mind, on a non-50% off sale day, this place will apparently be even more filled up!

Second, I really appreciated that this outlet takes the time to print out a photo of the lighting items in the boxes. This is especially helpful as a shopper, as we love to get the brand new overstock items, but Where’s Waldo-ing the box labels for any sort of identifying information can get old pretty quickly. So, thank you Alameda Pottery Barn Outlet, this is greatly appreciated!

Another amazing thing about this outlet is that they get two truck deliveries per day, Monday through Friday! That’s a ton of inventory moving in throughout the week, so it is definitely best to plan a visit on one of those delivery days.

The Alameda Pottery Barn Outlet also has a client list. What does this mean? It means that you can call and provide your contact information and the SKU for your item of interest and they will call you once it hits their store (how cool is that?!). There are so many tips and tricks like this that will help maximize your time, energy, and budget at the outlets and can be found right here.

Also, fair warning: I broke the mold with the amount of photos I took here. Over 400!!!! I will definitely be back to this location again in the future to spotlight it during the week!

Have any of you been able to go visit Pottery Barn Outlet in Alameda, CA yet? Any good scores? Tell me about it in the comments!

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The Outlet Photos

FYI, I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Pottery Barn. Just a happy customer!

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