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Did you know Anthropologie has an online clearance section that can save you up to 50% off?!

What is Anthropologie Outlet?

Anthropologie is known for it’s incredibly unique (some might say, quirky) and diverse home décor and furniture items. You will find vibrant colors, fun patterns and textiles, carved woods, and original designs when shopping Anthropologie furniture.

If any item gets delivered to a customer and was damaged during transit and returned, that furniture piece will be sent over to one of the Anthropologie Outlets. You might also find Anthropologie furniture that has manufacturing defects, missing components, has been discontinued or overproduced, retail location floor samples, or photoshoot samples. Check out this post on what you can expect from outlet quality.

What is the Anthropologie Outlet called?

The Anthro Outlet that sells only home furniture and décor is called Anthropologie Home Outlet and is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Gilbert, AZ. The two outlets that carry all Anthropologie brands (including Urban Outfitters, Free People & Terrain) plus clothing are Final Cut stores and are located in Augusta, Georgia and Indiana, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, both Final Cut locations are now closed.

Anthropologie Outlet Locations + Final Cut Store Locations

You might be wondering, “Is there an Anthropologie Outlet near me?” or “Is there a Final Cut store near me?” Check below for current Anthropologie locations.

Anthropologie Outlet Prices

How much cheaper is the Anthropologie Outlet?

Anthropologie furniture outlet prices are going to vary from location to location. Check out each stores’ feature post for exact outlet pricing information.

In general, however, you can expect discounts of around 40% off retail price. You may find some Anthropologie furniture items for upwards of 75-80% off if an extra promotion or dot sticker is added to the item or if there is more significant damage to the piece.

Does Anthropologie Outlet have sales?

No need for an Anthropologie sale when you have the outlet! Anthropologie Home Outlet consistently runs extra promotions on top of their already discounted prices. I have also seen them do special sales around the holidays (and randomly too!). You’ll want to follow them on Instagram (listed further down) to monitor these sales.

Can you negotiate at Anthropologie Outlet?

No, you typically cannot negotiate at the Anthropologie Outlet. Items are priced in direct correlation to the level of damage, so you are getting the very best price.

Are all sales final at the Anthropologie Outlet?

Yes, all sales are final at the Anthropologie Outlet. It is important that you thoroughly inspect your outlet items prior to purchasing, as returns will not be accepted.

Is it a good idea to compare outlet prices to the online prices?

Yes! Outlet prices are based off of the retail price of the item and does not take any current online sales into consideration. Look up your item on the Anthropologie website to confirm you are getting the best possible deal from the Anthro Outlet. I have seen MANY items on sale online that are right around outlet price due to the current sale. In that case, go with the online option, as you’ll get a warranty.

Don’t forget to see if you can grab an online coupon!

Is there an Anthropologie Outlet website?

While the in-person Anthropologie Outlets do not have a website, they are on social media (linked further down).

You can also find some incredible deals in the Anthropologie clearance section online. You can find the direct link in this post.

Can you shop Anthropologie outlet online?

No, you cannot shop online, however, the Pittsburgh location does offer virtual shopping appointments.

Can I order from the Anthropologie Outlet over phone?

The Arizona Outlet will allow phone orders. Make sure to check their inventory walkthroughs evert Friday on Instagram. You can also set up a virtual appointment at the Anthropologie Home Outlet in Pittsburgh, where over the phone payment will be accepted. Find out more about that here.

Is Anthropologie Outlet on social media?

Yes, all three of the Anthropologie Outlets are on social media.

Anthropologie Outlets on Instagram:

Anthropologie Outlets on Facebook:

Which is the largest Anthropologie store?

The largest Anthropologie store out of all of the outlets is the Anthro Home Outlet in Pittsburg, PA.

What is the best day to go to the Anthropologie Outlet?

The best day to go to the Anthropologie Outlet is on truck delivery days and holidays.

Truck Delivery Days

When do Anthropologie Outlets get shipments?

Call ahead to your Anthropologie Outlet or Final Cut store to confirm their specific locations delivery days.

I recommend shopping during the week at any outlet you visit. I have not found an outlet that receives delivery trucks on the weekend, so inventory will likely be more picked over on weekends. Click here for more outlet tips.


Deeper discounts can typically be found around a holiday, but so can larger crowds. I recommend getting to your Anthropologie Outlet before opening, if possible, to guarantee that you are the first in line.

Can I call to see what is in stock at the Anthropologie Outlet?

Most outlets will take inquiries regarding specific inventory. Just make sure you have the product SKU available. At the Anthropologie Outlets, you can call or message on social media.

Does the Anthropologie Outlet deliver?

Anthropologie Outlet delivery is not possible as an in-house service. They do have some recommendations on who you can use locally, so make sure to give an outlet employee a holler. Both pickup and delivery are organized by you, the customer.

I also have a list of alternative methods for third party recommendations, which is often cheaper than the outlets’ suggestions.

Do Anthropologie Outlets ship?

Unfortunately, Anthropologie Outlets do not ship, but they often recommend a third party delivery service. You might have luck finding an Anthropologie personal shopper, who can shop and ship on your behalf.

What does Anthropologie Outlet have?

Current items found on the website, as well as discontinued items, might be found at the Anthropologie Outlet. Anthropologie furniture inventory is constantly changing. Just because you see it online doesn’t guarantee it will be available at the outlet at any given moment. Below are some examples of what you might find at the Anthropologie Outlet.

Anthropologie Outlet Photos

Anthropologie Mirror

The ever-popular Anthropologie Primrose mirror is ACTUALLY at the outlet! Due to the extreme popularity of these Anthropologie mirrors, the discount on these will be on the lighter side at around 30% off retail price. You can also find more mirrors for cheaper prices by browsing the Anthropologie clearance section online!

Anthropologie Coffee Table

Endless coffee table options can found at the Anrthrpologie Outlet! but don’t forget to also scope out what’s currently sitting in clearance.

Anthropologie Side Table

Anthropologie side tables are a little tougher to snag if you need a pair, so make sure to browse their current online sale section to see if you can complete the set for less.

Anthropologie Rug

While the Anthropologie Outlet has tons of discounted rugs, you can land some equally good deals by browsing clearance rugs here.

Anthropologie Desk

A nice selection of Anthropologie desks can be found at the outlet. You can also find some discount options online right here.

Anthropologie Chandelier

So many varying shapes, sizes, and colors of Anthropologie chandeliers at the outlet- there truly is something for everyone. You can also find online clearance lighting here.

Anthropologie Dining Table

Somer unique dining tables can be picked up at the outlet for a fraction of the price. Take a look at more Anthropologie dining tables with slashed clearance pricing online here.

Anthropologie Home Décor

You can find all sorts of home décor at the outlet, including Anthropologie candles, art, wallpaper, curtains and more! Take a moment to browse their clearance section too- it has a ton of small accessory items in stock!

Is the Anthropologie Outlet Worth it?

Do you like paying less for name brand Anthropologie furniture? Then my answer is YES! I definitely think that what these outlets have to offer is quite amazing- especially when you can score some extra discounted goods. I’m pretty jealous that I don’t have one of the Anthropologie Outlet stores near me.

Does Anthropologie sell floor models?

Yes! In addition to the Anthropologie Outlets selling floor models, many of the retail locations have floor model sale events as well! Give your local Anthropologie retail store a follow over on Instagram and keep an eye peeled for store updates.

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