Exciting News: Anthropologie Home Outlet Opening in Gilbert, Arizona!

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Gilbert, AZ News: Change is definitely in the water after the unexpected closure announcements of two of Anthropologie’s outlets, Final Cut Georgia and Final Cut Pennsylvania, have sent shockwaves through the retail world.

Surprisingly, even the employees of these stores were taken aback by the sudden closures. It begs the question: Why did these long-standing Final Cut locations shut down so abruptly?

It’s difficult to believe that these closures are merely coincidental. Interestingly, within a week of the Georgia announcement, a job posting for an Anthropologie Home Outlet store manager position in Gilbert, AZ appeared on Anthropologie’s website.

The position in question? None other than a store manager role for an Anthropologie Home Outlet in Gilbert, AZ.

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Dated June 9, 2023, the Anthropologie Home Outlet Store Manager should be someone who “Leads and supports the team to elevate every aspect of the Home Outlet store experience; listens to customer and team insights to positively affect change and improve store processes.”

According to GilbertNOW, the new Anthropologie Home Outlet will find its home at Warner and Recker, nestled within an industrial complex.

While details are still scarce at this early stage, one can’t help but anticipate the exciting prospect of discounted furniture and clothing awaiting eager shoppers.

And with nearly 4,200 post likes and hundreds of comments, it’s obvious that Gilbert, Arizona shopping is about to get a major upgrade.

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Exciting times lie ahead for what to do in Gilbert, Arizona! Let’s navigate this retail journey together. Stay tuned!

When will Anthropologie Home Outlet Phoenix open?

According to the new Anthropologie Home Outlet’s social media account, the grand opening is scheduled for October 12, 2023!

Where is Anthropologie Home Outlet Phoenix located?

This exciting new outlet can be found at 4290 E. Warner Rd, Suite 147, Gilbert, AZ 85296.

Spanning an impressive 25,000 square feet, this expansive location promises an abundance of fantastic finds waiting to be discovered!

What is phone number for Anthropologie Home Outlet Phoenix?

You can reach the new outlet at (602) 345-9099.

What are the hours?

The new outlet hours are currently as follows:

  • MONDAY: 10AM-8PM
  • FRIDAY: 10AM-8PM
  • SUNDAY: 11AM-6PM

Make sure to check for their most recent hours on their website right here!

Is Anthropologie Outlet Phoenix on Instagram?

Yes!! We are lucky to snoop on their inventory and grand opening plans directly on instagram here:

Want to find more outlets near you? Click here!

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