Ballard Designs Outlet: West Chester, OH

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Guest Feature Intro

Amanda, from over at theharkinshome, is back with another walk through but this time, over at Ballard Designs Outlet. I knowwww I said the next one was Pottery Barn Outlet, but that’s BEFORE I knew she was going to Ballard! I have never had a peek inside this store, so it was a real treat for me. Ballard is totally up my design alley.

If you didn’t have a chance to check out Amanda’s previous feature at Arhaus the Loft Outlet, make sure you check it out next. I leave you with a couple teaser photos from that feature.

Ballard Designs Outlet: West Chester, OH

Disclaimer: Outlet inventory moves quickly, so it is best to call ahead to confirm if the item you see is still available.  Additionally, guest posters and I are in no way affiliated with or sponsored by any of the outlets featured and these are solely our own opinions based on our own experiences.

Amanda from over @theharkinshome here, with yet another outlet from West Chester. While Frontgate, Grandin Road and Ballard Designs all have outlets in the same location, for some reason Ballard is a separate checkout system so I decided to break them up, plus it’s my favorite. Everything was 50% off the lowest price the day I went.

When you walk into the building the lobby has mostly Frontgate items but sometimes the large pieces on the right are Ballard. Each of the 3 stores has its own entrance but Frontgate and Grandin are connected.

Just a small amount of Christmas décor.

A special on $59 ottomans outside the door.

There were a lot of these chairs. I think one thing that Ballard does well at the outlet is have several of the same piece so you can get a whole set of chairs frequently. This is where I got my Bailey dining chairs which I use outside.

A lot of mirrors in all shapes and sizes.

A few racks of affordable décor. $20-50

They always have a large art section.

There were several rows of curtains.

This is the chair/ stool section. As I mentioned lots of matching sets. Bailey stools were just 50% off the retail price.

Lighting and rugs. Sometimes the lights are on extra sale because they have so many. That was not the case this day.

These were a few of my favorite nightstands.

A LOT of lampshades at 50% off.

A decent home office section.

I thought this was interesting. Picture doesn’t do it justice. Marble top and a beautiful sage grey green color. $600 each section.

An idea of the price and condition. I do feel that something in this condition is rare. I have only bought my Bailey stools and some accessories from here though and the condition was perfect.

 A really unique shaped desk. $600 after sale.

But it did have some damage but nothing that couldn’t be painted.

Shelves and hooks.

A wall of wreaths.

Pillow covers. They were just 50% off retail price but some really cute ones. Variety of conditions.

Not near as much patio as the other two stores.

 By far the best deal of the day but hard to photograph due to location. This rattan daybed (they had two) originally over $3000 on sale for $330 plus tax. Would be so cute in a little girls’ boho room.

Excellent condition navy blue dresser. $1200

This secretary desk was really cool. If you’re tight in space and need something in the corner this could be a great solution.

They frequently have these Blakely stools which I would absolutely buy if I didn’t think my kids would ruin them instantly.

Thanks again for checking out my finds in Ohio. Don’t worry, I shop a lot so more tours coming soon! 



Thank you, Amanda, for the update over at Ballard Designs Outlet in West Chester, OH. Can’t wait to take a peek at the other side of this space, Frontgate and Grandin Road Outlets, very soon!

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