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Ballard Designs is a leading home furnishings and décor company that offers a wide range of stylish and high-quality products for customers. Founded in 1983, the company has a strong reputation for creating timeless designs that are both functional and beautiful.

Products available at Ballard Designs include furniture, lighting, bedding, rugs, wall décor, and much more. With a commitment to exceptional quality and value, customers can trust that they are getting products that are not only stylish but also built to last.

Did you know Ballard Design has an online clearance section that can save you 50% off or more?!

Does Ballard Designs have an outlet?

Yes, Ballard actually has THREE outlet locations- in Georgia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

What is Ballard Designs Outlet?

Ballard Outlet is your one-stop-shop for discounted and high-quality home furnishings and décor. As a subsidiary of the company, the outlets offer a selection of overstocked, discontinued, or slightly imperfect Ballard furniture from the retail product line.

From furniture to lighting, bedding to rugs, and wall décor to accessories, customers can find stylish and functional products at a fraction of the cost. Note that the selection at the outlet may vary, so it’s best to check regularly for new arrivals.

Ballard Designs Outlet Locations

You might be wondering, “Are there Ballard Outlet locations near me?” Check below for current Ballard Designs location information.

Click the address below to be redirected to the website for additional details.

Want to find more outlets near you? Click here!

Ballard Designs Outlet Prices

How much cheaper is Ballard Designs Outlet?

Outlet pricing typically starts at 50% off, but there are categories that may be more. For those higher-than-normal discounts, you’ll want to swoop them up as soon as possible. They do sometimes change discounts during the day if enough inventory for that category has been sold.

Does Ballard Outlet have sales?

On top of their base discount, Ballard Designs Outlets are AMAZING at running frequent doorbuster promotions for super slashed prices.

In addition, you can find items with red clearance tag prices for even steeper discounts. They also occasionally run special clearance promotions, where an additional percentage will be taken off these items.

Can you negotiate at the outlet?

Negotiating at the outlet is not common practice, but there may be times they will work with you. They work hard to ensure that items or categories that need deeper discounting are, so you’ll likely be thrilled with the price.

Are all sales final?

When shopping for furniture at the Ballard Outlet, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect each item as all sales are final. This will help ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Is it a good idea to compare outlet prices to the online prices?

Definitely. Keep in mind that outlet prices are based on the full retail price and may not reflect any current online sales. Before making a purchase, check the Ballard Designs website to see if the item you’re interested in is available at a better price due to a current sale. If so, it might be wise to opt for the online purchase, as it also comes with a warranty.

Click here to view the outlet-priced items below, and don’t forget to see if you can grab an online coupon!

ballard designs sale
ballard sale
ballard designs online outlet

Check here for a Ballard Designs promo code!

Is there a Ballard Designs Outlet website?

While the in-person outlets don’t have a website, you can find some seriously fantastic deals online in their clearance section. You can find the direct link in my online outlet roundup post. I snagged a $500 pivot mirror for $28 and some $150 bathroom towel bars for just $6 by browsing their online deals.

Is Ballard Designs Outlet on social media?

Yes! You can find all of the outlets on social media below:

Ballard Designs Outlet Instagram:

Ballard Designs Outlet Facebook:

Although there are Facebook accounts associated with their outlets, the posts seem to be very generic. I recommend following on Instagram for inventory updates.

What is the best day to go to the outlet?

The best day to go to the Ballard Designs Outlet revolves around the following situations:

Truck Delivery Days

When do Ballard Designs Outlets get shipments? I have delivery days listed in individual location updates linked at the top of the post. However, for the most up-to-date information, call ahead to your local outlet to confirm.

With that in mind, shopping during the week at any outlet is my recommendation. I have yet to find an outlet that receives delivery trucks on the weekend, so the selection will likely be more picked over on weekends. Click here for my best outlet tips!


Maximize your savings at the outlet during holidays when deeper discounts can be found. Just be prepared for larger crowds at these times. To ensure you get first dibs on the best deals, try to arrive at the store before it opens. Get ready to score some fantastic deals on high-quality home furnishings!

Does the outlet have a Client List?

ballard stores
ballards design outlet
ballard designs outlet
ballard outlet
ballard designs nightstand

Some Ballard Designs Outlets offer a waiting list for specific items. When the desired item arrives at the outlet, you will receive a phone call to inform you that it is now in stock. If you are interested in this service, it’s a good idea to call your local outlet to inquire and add yourself to the list.

Want more tips for a successful outlet trip? Click here!

Can I call to see what is in stock at the outlet?

Definitely! To ensure a smooth shopping experience at the outlet, make sure you have the product’s SKU readily available if you have a specific item in mind. This will help the staff assist you in finding the item quickly and efficiently.

Does the outlet deliver?

Sadly, Ballard Designs Outlet does not provide an in-house delivery service. However, you can inquire with the store about any local delivery referrals they may have. Alternatively, you can consider my third-party delivery recommendations which may offer more affordable rates.

Do the outlets ship?

Unfortunately, Ballard Outlets do not ship. You can try to locate a personal shopper, but also make sure to check out their online clearance section if you need something shipped!

Click here to check out these outlet priced online finds!

ballard designs sale
ballard designed sales

What kind of Ballard Furniture is at the outlet?

Ballard Designs furniture is constantly changing at the outlet. Seeing a product online does not necessarily mean that it will be available at the outlet store. Below are some examples of inventory that has been spotted.

Outlet Photos

Ballard Designs Rugs

While the outlet has tons of discounted rugs, you can land some equally good deals by browsing clearance rugs here.

ballard stores
ballards design outlet
ballard designs outlet
Ballard Designs lamp shade
ballard designs rug
ballard designs rugs
ballard designs indoor outdoor rugs

Ballard Designs Mirror

You can find lots of Ballard Designs mirrors at the outlets. Keep a close eye on the clearance section to snag one online for a similar discount.

ballard stores
ballards design outlet
ballard designs outlet
ballard designs mirror
ballard designs mirrors

Ballard Designs Curtains

The outlet carries quite an assortment of Ballard Designs drapes. You may even get lucky and find fabric to make your own! Ballard Designs fabric is often in stock in the online clearance section as well.

Ballard Designs Lighting

Ballard Designs lighting goldmine at the outlet! So many varying shapes, sizes, and colors- there truly is something for everyone. You can also find online clearance lighting here.

Ballard Designs Chandelier
ballard stores
ballards design outlet
ballard designs outlet
Ballard Designs lamp shade
ballard designs lighting
ballard designs chandelier
ballard designs pendant
Ballard Designs Lamps
ballard stores
ballards design outlet
ballard designs outlet
Ballard Designs lamp shade
ballard designs lighting
ballard designs chandelier
ballard designs pendant

Ballard Designs Dining Chair

By browsing clearance chairs online, you can find deals just as good as those offered in the Ballard Outlet, which has a large selection of discounted chairs.

Ballard Designs Bar Stools

Ballard Designs counter stools and bar stools are very common at the outlet. They often have very popular styles, like the Bailey and Dayna stools, which are currently on sale online too.

Ballard Designs Desks

Need a Ballard Designs desk? Head straight to the outlet or browse their current clearance options online.

Ballard Designs Bedding

Some pretty bed and bedding options are up for grabs at the outlet.

ballard stores
ballards design outlet
Ballard Designs bed
ballard designs bedding

Ballard Designs Outdoor Furniture

A nice selection of outdoor furniture can be found at the outlet. You can also find some discount options online right here

ballard stores
ballards design outlet
Ballard Designs outdoor furniture
ballard designs outdoor rug

Ballard Designs Wall Art

If you are looking for wall art, head straight to the outlet for some serious variety. Nothing of your taste? Browse the online clearance specials to save big!

Ballard Designs Ottomans

In addition to being at the outlet, you can also find discounted ottomans online!

ballard stores
ballards design outlet
Ballard Designs Ottomans

Is the Ballard Designs Outlet Worth it?

Yes! If you love classic, timeless designs, it is absolutely doable to have an affordable Ballard home by shopping at the outlet. With daily savings and fantastic doorbuster sales, your wallet will thank you!

I am an independent blogger and I am not affiliated with any company. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own and based on my personal experiences.

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