Top 10 Appliance Outlet Brands: Mastering Discount Appliances

Over the past year and a half, my home has been a non-stop construction zone— an exhausting mix of endless possibilities, never-ending decisions, and yeah, a lot of tears. Amidst this soul-sucking process, one truth has become abundantly clear: finding a great deal on high-quality major appliances is freaking HARD. But guess what? I found some hidden gems that many don’t even know exist— appliance outlet stores!

Shopping at outlets is THE BEST way to score discounts on dent appliances while also saving a small fortune. You can find tons of returns and floor models— everything from scratch and dent refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers to microwaves, and laundry appliances for 50+% off.

With the price of literally e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g escalating, why not cut some costs for that home renovation where you can? 

ten APPLIANCE OUTLETS you don’t want to miss

I’ve already spilled the tea on all things affordable appliances at outlets in my Ultimate Guide to Shopping Scratch and Dent Appliances. These incredible stores offer mega-discounted prices on a large selection of home appliance merchandise.

But why do these appliances end up at an outlet in the first place? Generally, they find their way there due to being discontinued models, returns, floor models, or items with cosmetic imperfections.

Today, let’s take an even deeper dive into precisely which outlets are serving up those open-box appliance deals—both in-person and online! 

1. williams sonomA Outlet (in-store and online)

Williams sonoma appliance outlet pink and green SMEG refrigerators

Williams Sonoma is kind of a big deal in the appliance world. Turns out, their outlet is like a goldmine for fancy discounted appliances.

I have visited the Williams Sonoma Outlet so many times and am always pleased with the sales and the inventory. These adorable retro-inspired SMEG refrigerators literally stopped me in my tracks! With discounts up to 50% off, you’re going to want to add Williams Sonoma Outlet to your list when shopping for open-box appliances.

Although less common than smaller kitchen appliances, you can land some incredible deals on refrigerators, ovens, and more. Brands like SMEG, La Cornue, Kitchenaid, Cafe, and Saber make it feel like I’m shopping in a celebrity store.


Recently, I got an open box 36″ SMEG oven from Williams Sonoma’s online outlet for my upcoming kitchen remodel, and am over the moon!

There’s something so satisfying about scoring a high-end piece for less. Delivery was a breeze and the items arrived in nearly perfect condition.

Check out my tips and tricks for nailing Williams Sonoma Outlets!

2. BEST BUY OUTLET (in-store and online)

Best Buy Outlet sign reads, "Savings, meets peace of mind. Clearance, Open-Box, Refurbished, Pre-owned"

When I found out Best Buy had an appliance outlet my jaw about hit the floor. I went there recently, and WOW, it did not disappoint.

Savings anywhere from 20-70% off— you never know what you’ll find. I got the best DM on Instagram the other day— a follower saved $900 on a Samsung refrigerator that was manufactured only three months prior. So it’s not just discontinued or old models at these stores, you can get the new products and models too!

Check out some of the insane deals I spotted:

    • Originally $3,599.99
    • OUTLET: $1,881 (45% off)
    • Originally $1,169.99
    • OUTLET: $350 (70% off)
    • Originally $2,221.99
    • OUTLET: $780 (65% off)
    • Originally $1,149.99
    • OUTLET: $161 (85% off)

Best Buy Outlet also has a handy QR code system that makes comparing prices or specifications of any item from their website super easy. From high-end appliance brands like Viking and Thermador, to household staples like Kitchenaid, Samsung, and LG, there truly is something for everyone.

Once we’re ready to purchase our other kitchen appliances, I will most definitely be back.

The online outlet

The best part about Best Buy Outlet is you can shop it from the comfort of your home and delivery is FREE.

It’s as simple as selecting your local Best Buy Outlet online, clicking the “shop outlet” button, and voila!

3. sears outlet/American Freight OUTLET (in-store and online)

American Freight Sears Outlet open box oven

You’ve probably heard of Sears, right? Well, guess what? Their appliance outlets got a makeover and are now rocking the name American Freight!

I went to one near me and the discounts were really good. I spotted brands like brands like Kenmore, Samsung, and LG for anywhere from $500-$1000 off.

The online outlet

Not all online outlets offer real-life photos of what you are purchasing, so I appreciate that American Freight’s online outlet does. Although shipping to your home is not free, you can get free delivery to your local store!

4. lowes ouTLET (in-store only)

Lowes Outlet Black Friday Deals sign

Another appliance outlet I had no idea existed, Lowes Outlet opened its first location in 2019 and offers deals up to 75% off. You can expect to find some of the most popular household names— GE, Samsung, and LG to name a few.

With around 15 locations nationwide across a handful of states, but no online outlet option, this outlet isn’t available to all. Here’s to hoping one comes close to me because I am dying to go check it out myself!

The good news? I recently chatted with a source that confirms Lowes Outlet will continue to expand! Just make sure to check my Lowes Outlet guide for the most up-to-date location information.

5. Wholesale Appliance Stores (in-store only)

Salvage store open box refrigerators

When it comes to appliance outlet stores, don’t forget the wholesale and salvage spots too. These stores buy bulk pallets of excess inventory, from appliances to household goods, directly from big-name brands. They piece these items out and sell them to us for a cheaper price.

I’ve seen some big-name brands like Costco and Home Depot with appliances in great condition for 50% off or more! Unfortunately, most appliance salvage stores do not offer online purchasing, so you’ll need to go in person.

6. Local appliance outlets (in-store only)

Just like those awesome salvage stores we just talked about, local appliance outlets take the spotlight with appliances as their main gig—abundant and stocked with incredible deals.

If you’re on the hunt for unbeatable appliance bargains, just hit up Google Maps with a straightforward “scratch and dent appliances near me” search.

These local gems are scattered throughout the city, making it super easy to access fantastic deals without the need for extensive travel. Plus, you’ll be supporting local businesses on your next appliance adventure!

7. kitchenaid refurbished outlet (online only)

Today, I stumbled upon some interesting info about KitchenAid that I hadn’t known before. It turns out they have two online outlets – one for refurbished open-box items and another for discontinued products.

The refurbished outlet offers significant discounts on items that were returned after the initial purchase, some of which are brand new or gently used. All these products go through rigorous testing to ensure they work like new. On the other hand, the discontinued outlet features items that were discontinued but never used.

And considering how pricey KitchenAid usually is, this is a big win in my money-saving book!

8. whirlpool outlet (online only)

Another new-for-me option, Whirlpool Outlet products are no longer being made but are sold at super low prices. These gems ship straight from the factory in their original packaging, brand spanking new.

Since these are closeout models that are no longer in production, stock is limited. The good news? The selection gets updated regularly, so you’ll always have fresh options to choose from.


Similar to Whirlpool Outlet, Maytag Outlet only offers discontinued appliances at lower-than-normal pricing. You won’t find any refurbished or open-box products, just brand-new items sent straight to you in the original box.

Hurry, though – with limited quantities, these steals won’t hang around for long. Seize the opportunity for top-quality, budget-friendly home upgrades!

10. Amazon Open Box Warehouse

Although sparse in major appliances, you can find some incredible deals right within Amazon’s open-box warehouse. I’ve seen small appliances like toasters, air fryers, ice makers, and more for upwards of 50% off!

Plus, with free 2-day shipping and eligible for returns, its a no-brainer to give it a browse.

Home renovations, no matter who you are, are a wild ride of emotions. These appliance outlet savings give you that dopamine high to fill in those renovation lows, turning the chaos into a discounted heartwarming tale.

And if you need help decorating, don’t forget to check out my complete list of online outlets below. Here’s to fewer tears, more jaw-dropping deals on top brands, and a home that doesn’t resemble a construction site forever!

Want to find outlets near you? Click here!

I am an independent blogger and I am not affiliated with any company. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own and based on my personal experiences.

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