Le Creuset Outlet: Vacaville, CA

After my visit over at the Restoration Hardware Outlet, I had a bit more energy to pop by the Le Creuset Outlet. This is located over by the West Elm Outlet, nestled within the Vacaville Premium Outlets. How many more times can I say the word “outlet?” I guess you’ll find out soon enough. I’veContinue reading “Le Creuset Outlet: Vacaville, CA”

West Elm Outlet: Vacaville, CA

Discount 40-60% off retail price (deals change weekly) Inventory Drop Off Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (though can vary) Shipping Available No Delivery Available No, but there are Third Party options. They also recommended Lugg and Select Express. Waitlist Yes Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc) No Social Media Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/westelmvacaville/ So, I did a thing. I knewContinue reading “West Elm Outlet: Vacaville, CA”

Williams Sonoma HOME Outlet: Vacaville, CA

Discount 50-70% off retail price Inventory Drop Off Monday and Thursday around 7am Shipping Available No Delivery Available No, but there are Third Party options Waitlist Yes Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc) No Social Media Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wsvacaville/ As you may recall from last weekend at the Serena and Lily outlet, I had a bitContinue reading “Williams Sonoma HOME Outlet: Vacaville, CA”

Paint and Repair Kits

As mentioned over in my outlet furniture tips tips post, clearance furniture may come with dings, dents, or imperfections. Don’t be put off- some of these are very easy fixes! While you can purchase color matched stains or paints from your local hardware store to hide the blemishes, several companies actually provide paint and repairContinue reading “Paint and Repair Kits”

Serena and Lily Outlet: Vacaville, CA

Before I jump into this specific visit to Serena and Lily Outlet, I suggest checking out one of my most popular posts on strategies for making the most of your outlet visit. There are over 30 tips and tricks that I have shared (as well as some Facebook group member and Instagram follower recommendations) on how to score the veryContinue reading “Serena and Lily Outlet: Vacaville, CA”

How To Find Home Décor “Dupes” In A Few Simple Steps

Ever wonder how people are able to find high end home decor knockoffs for half the price? I know I did! I constantly saw posts in my home décor social media groups like, “Does anyone know where I can find something like this for a more reasonable price?” Some magical sorcerer(s) usually commented with aContinue reading “How To Find Home Décor “Dupes” In A Few Simple Steps”

30 Furniture Outlet Shopping Tips

The following list contains all of the tips I have learned from shopping at high end furniture outlet stores over the years. Several came as suggestions from members in my free private Facebook group. These are a reflection of my own personal experiences. Keep in mind, these may not be applicable to every outlet youContinue reading “30 Furniture Outlet Shopping Tips”