West Elm Outlet: Vacaville, CA

Discount30-60% off retail price (deals change weekly)
Inventory Drop OffMonday, Wednesday, and Friday (though can vary, call ahead)
Shipping AvailableNo
Delivery AvailableNo, but there are Third Party options. They also recommended Lugg and Select Express.
Additional Discounts (seniors, military, veterans, etc)No
Social MediaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/westelmvacaville/

Disclaimer: These photos were taken on 12/14/21. Outlet inventory moves quickly, so it is best to call ahead to confirm if the item is still available.  Additionally, I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by any of the outlets featured and these are solely my own opinions based on my own experiences.

West Elm Outlet Locations

  • California: Moreno Valley, Vacaville
  • Georgia: Dawsonville
  • New York: Brooklyn
  • North Carolina: Asheville
  • Pennsylvania: Lancaster
  • Texas: Allen (opening Dec 20, 2021), San Marcos

West Elm Pricing Structure

West Elm Outlet and all of the sister companies (Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma) have adopted a weekly rotational model with their discounts. Essentially, their items come in tagged with the retail price and then each week, the percentage off certain categories will change.  I have seen that range go from 30% up to 50% on furniture, all the way up to 90% off for seasonal items (holidays, outdoor, etc).

I have often found that West Elm Outlets do various “Manager Specials,” often on overstock items that need to get cleared out. Be on the lookout for those because the savings is generally very high. I have more recently seen them do this for lighting ($99), roman shades ($19.97), ottomans (don’t recall the price), and so on. Today I spotted a few Manager Specials:

Outlet Furniture Delivery

While the West Elm Outlet in Vacaville, CA does not have an in-house delivery company, they do have some Third Party options and also recommended Lugg and Select Express. I have heard glowing reviews about ProMovers from various group members and followers.

Outlet Inventory

Enjoy the quick video update below. I even got fancy and added music for ya. You’re welcome. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the outlet tips here to get the best deals possible.

Ramblings of an Outlet Girl

Just so you know… I really love it when you all DM me questions, comments, updates, your personal finds, and so on. Seriously. I feel like when you are an “influencer/content creator/some other word I totally don’t identify with” there’s this level of clout(?) or authority(?) that goes behind that.

And I’m just sittin’ over here geeking out over my Le Creuset Harry Potter mugs (please stop judging me for how many times I’ve mentioned this) and wondering if it’s Tuesday yet (where my Bachelor/ette fans at?!).

Quite honestly, being a social media “figure” is pretty weird for me and, often, a bit echo-chambery. I’m over here like, “Does anybody hear me out thereeeeee?” So when you reach out- I know SOMEONE must be seeing my words in front of their eyeballs. And that’s pretty cool, actually! Many of you may not know, but I just sort of fell into this hole labelled with an S and L, and now I’m THAT OUTLET GIRL. Whatever that means.

Back to the point (yes, there is one). Someone sent me a photo on Instagram of their loot from the West Elm Outlet, a mere 15 minutes from my abode. It was an adorable trio of glass Christmas trees with an even more adorable price of $4-6 each. Score!

I make it my life mission to never pay retail for Christmas décor. I have a lot of bit of a frugal mindset, so shopping after Christmas sales for the following years’ décor is good enough for me. I knew I needed to go grab some of these trees for myself, so I made the short drive over.

I decided to get three trees of each size. With the 90% discount that put the trees at $6, $5, and $4!! Check out this bananas before and after price photo comparison:

It was not my intention to even do an update during this visit. I actually sometimes like to just be an anonymous, basic shopper, quietly hawking inventory from across the room. BUT, the store just looked so stocked up! I couldn’t not do ANY updating.

Photo updates are sort of a whole other beast. It just seems to take way more work than the 4 minute video below. So, sometimes I’ll do video updates and sometimes I’ll do photo updates. I’m always open to hearing which you like better, too, so drop me a virtual line, mmkay? Mmkay!

And in case you breezed by it, enthralled by my musings, here’s that video again:

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