Poly & Bark Sofa Review

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We visited the Poly & Bark Outlet in Moorpark, CA a few months back to do an outlet feature. You can browse the full details on this outlet right here. The outlet was kind enough to gift me (and one of you! Keep reading…) this stunning leather Sorrento sofa and many of you have been dying to know how it has been holding up. I wanted to really break this couch in before giving you my true thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Poly & Bark Sofa Assembly

Items from the Poly & Bark Outlet come boxed, which is also what you can expect when purchasing online. The sofa was very well padded and protected inside the box.

Assembly truly could not have been easier. All we had to do was attach the feet to bottom of the sofa. All necessary tools were included in this little box.

Watch as we take 19 seconds to put this sofa together!

Do Leather Couches Scratch?

We are not a family that is easy on our things. If it can break, scratch, dent, or warp it’s going to happen over here. #blessed

You might be wondering, do leather couches scratch easily? Within the first 24 hours of having the nicest sofa I’ve ever had, this happened:

One might think, “But, Kelli… we all know leather is more prone to scratching. Perhaps when you or your pup sat down you rubbed it in just the right way to not only make a heart, but also the initial of your first born. This is merely a coincidence.”

So the ultimate scratch test was up. Was my brand new couch now ruined?

Shockingly, it completely buffed out with a slightly damp cloth. I was so relieved to see this since I knew this was scratch #1 of 3,219,342. We are now on scratch 4,732 in case you were wondering.

Poly & Bark Sofa Verdict

Three months later, here are my thoughts on the Poly & Bark Sorrento sofa:

  • Durability: As you can see from above, leather is an amazing choice if you have kids, dogs, or both. Yes, there will be some marks that happen. That’s just life. But with a little water or leather cleaner you really can restore this material to it’s original (or nearly original) condition.
  • Comfort: My husband looked at me the other day while gently petting our couch dog and asked, “Have you noticed this sofa is getting softer over time?” I definitely had! This Poly & Bark couch was already very comfortable right out of the box- cushions are structured but still give when you sit. But the leather itself is also softening over time, which is such a pleasant surprise for this first-time leather couch owner. It is so perfect for naps!
  • Function: I worried that my skin would stick to the leather or that the cushions would slide around. I am happy to report neither of these things have been true for me. The cushions have a nonslip material on the back, which keeps them (and the dog hair) firmly in place. The sofa is also heavy enough not to slip and slide around on our rug.

  • Snuggability: One concern I had over replacing my Macy’s Radley sectional (which is a HUGE thumbs up for me) was the cuddle factor. Physical touch is one of my love languages, so I like being within arms reach of my loved ones. I have had zero issues doing full-body, big spoon/little spoon cuddles after removing the back cushions. It is plenty deep to accommodate multiple bodies at our house.

My overall thoughts? Two thumbs way up. I love the look and quality of this sofa! I would have zero hesitations buying this genuine leather sofa even for full retail price. It is incredibly affordable, as Poly & Bark skips the pricey brick and mortar storefronts to help keep your cost low.

Poly & Bark Sorrento Sofa Giveaway! [CLOSED]

I am super excited to announce that one of YOU will also own this sofa too! You must be able to pick up from the Poly & Bark Outlet in Moorpark, CA. To enter, simply head over to my Instagram, look for the graphic below, and follow the entry steps in the caption. Winner will be announced on July 31, 2022!

What other questions do you have for me about the Poly & Bark Sorrento Leather Sofa? Let me know in the comments!

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