TDF + Clearance Center: Linwood and Lexington, NC

DiscountUp to 70% off
Inventory Drop OffDaily at TDF, randomly at Clearance Center
Shipping AvailableNo
Delivery AvailableYes, in immediate area.
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The Guest Post Lead Up

Next up from Jennifer’s North Carolina outlet updates is TDF (Transit Damaged Furniture) in Lexington, NC, followed by a visit to their Clearance Center in Linwood, NC. Make sure you scroll allllllllll the way down to view both places! I have heard nothing but amazing things about TDF, so it is fun to be able to get a peek at one since they aren’t in my area.

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Transit Damaged Furniture Details

I drove about 10 minutes to the TDF Furniture store (not considered an outlet) in Lexington. They also have a few more locations throughout the NC area I’ll have to check out in the near future! They offer new furniture direct from vendors, showroom samples, closeouts and some damaged pieces.

Staff was also very nice and told me their building is a city block long! It truly is huge and feels endless. They have the store arranged in sections and recently started carrying rugs and lamps.

Have any of you been to Transit Damaged Furniture yet? Any good scores? Tell us about it in the comments!

Transit Damaged Furniture Photos

Transit Damaged Furniture Clearance Center Details

Next up I visited Transit Damaged Freight (TDF) Furniture Clearance Center in Linwood, NC not far from its sister store in Lexington. Staff was friendly and explained delivery costs depended on how many miles you are from the store, but it is a flat fee regardless of how many pieces you buy. It also includes delivery between the two stores, so you can shop both for the same fee!

They had tons of pieces by Thomasville, Home Meridian, Hooker Furniture and more. The prices were incredibly reasonable and most pieces had minimal damage, if any, from what I saw. It is a lot less damage than what I’ve seen at Crate & Barrel outlets, for example.

Have any of you been able to go visit Transit Damaged Furniture Clearance Center yet? Any good scores? Tell us about it in the comments!

Transit Damaged Furniture Clearance Center Photos